Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner – Reviews and Guide

Vinyl sidings are gaining popularity in constructions because of their durability. They also give your house an attractive look. On top of that, they require easy maintenance. Cleaning your vinyl siding is important at least once a year. If you neglect the siding, then you will end up dealing with mold which can be pretty hard to remove. This is why we recommend you to get the best vinyl siding cleaner to make your work easier.

While there are many vinyl cleaners on the market, finding the right one can be a challenging task.  You need to look for an effective cleaner that is environment-friendly and also doesn’t affect the general aesthetic of your home. We have researched the market to provide you with quality vinyl siding cleaners that provide fast cleaning without causing negative effects on your landscape. 

10 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner Reviews

After comparing and testing different products on the market, we have provided you with 10 quality products that you can consider buying. Go through the following reviews so that you can determine which cleaner is right for you depending on the ingredients that you want and other features.

1. Spray & Forget SFRCHEQ06 w Sprayer 1ct Roof Cleaner

Spray & Forget SFRCHEQ06 w Sprayer 1ct Roof Cleaner

Such an amazing cleaning solution for any home. This cleaner has been made with the best cleaning results in mind, presenting some of the industry’s leading features as you would need in most cleaning circumstances. It would satisfy a variety of cleaning needs if you use it as instructed. Once you have sprayed on the surface, you do not need to follow it up with rinsing. No rinsing needed. You simply spray and forget.

Also, you will be pleased to hear that it is a non-corrosive cleaner. I mean, who wants their house parts corroded over time by a cleaning detergent? It is not made of any of bleach, acid, lyre, heavy metals or phosphates. That makes it a gentle spray that you should not be worried when using. That also means that it is gentle on your skin.

Also, it boasts an integrated hose sprayer that is capable of shooting that spray up to 20 feet so that if you do not want to be too close for whatever purpose, you can still hit the target. That way, you will not be wasting the spray. Since 2 packs can clean up to 1200 sq. ft., this cleaner is as economical as it can be.



2. Krud Kutter HW012 Multi-Purpose House Wash

Krud Kutter HW012 Multi-Purpose House Wash

Just like the name suggests, this is a multi-purpose house cleaner. As versatile as it can be, this cleaner can be used for a variety of cleaning duties at home, helping you to keep a super clean-home at all times. For what it is worth, this house wash will help you maintain a germ-free home, adding value to your home environment and improving its looks in the best way possible.

For your information, this cleaner has no ammonia or bleach. Which means it will not reduce the quality of the surfaces that you usually use it. This kind of softness is necessary, lest you ruin the valuable parts of your home. It comes in one gallon, which is enough to clean a whopping 4000 square feet. That is equivalent to 1000 square feet per quart.

So if you are looking for the best house wash for cleaning gray weathering on wooden surfaces, or for eradicating oxidation or chalking, you are looking at it. It is as effective as you can imagine an innovatively-created cleaner like this to be. It is water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic, biodegradable and non-abrasive.



3. Mold Armor FG503 E-Z House Wash

Keeps your home sparkling and welcoming at all times with this highly effective cleaner. Whether you have a small home or a very big one, this cleaner can provide a solution to your home’s tough stain problem. Cleaning your home more effectively comes with a lot of benefits that you should never ignore. With this home cleaner, you can give your home the fresher look again.

Made with a powerful formula, this product cleans exterior mildew, mold, as well as algae stains and you do not even need to scrub. Besides, you can use it on almost every material from vinyl to aluminum to concrete. You can also use it on wood siding and brick stucco, painted surface and more. Such versatility will not only be reliable but also economical.

You can use it on heavy and stubborn stains as well as typical stain or dirt. You can simply apply it with a tank sprayer, garden sprayer or with a sponge. It is such simple to use you do not even need serious coaching to do it right for first-time users. Therefore, do your home some justice by using this home wash to clean it.



4. DROP-OFF Vinyl Siding Cleaner

The best way to protect the surfaces in your home is by cleaning them as regularly as possible with a cleaner like this. This is a small but reliable home cleaner. This cleaner is non-abrasive, giving you the chance to keep your home clean and protected at the same time. Besides, it is an environmentally friendly product and that is a good thing. So if you care about your environment, this is the way to go.

It works pretty well on wooden floors, especially on hardwood surfaces. You can use it to clean the doors, patio furniture, and masonry. That way, it serves as a multi-purpose cleaner with the power to free your surfaces of the stubborn stains. Among the things it removes, mildew, algae, mold, and spider droppings are the most common.

Using it is a breeze too. You simply spray it on the surface, then wait for 15 to 30 minutes before you wipe it off. Apart from wiping it off, you can scrub it clean first then you rinse with water. The results will impress you. It leaves no traces of stains behind no matter how tough it may be. You just have to use it well.



5. Mold Armor FG51164 E-Z House Wash

An unique sprayer. This cleaner has a unique sprayer with four different designs at the mouth of its hose. These four designs make it suitable for cleaning surfaces with different patterns. It is easier to clean with this sprayer which reaches the corners that are hard to clean with a brush. Some buildings are very high but this sprayer can easily reach the highest levels and clean efficiently.

A tough cleaner.  This cleaner is made to eliminate stains on surfaces. Stains caused by algae at the pavements of the house can easily be removed by this cleaner. There is no scrubbing needed, pressure cleaning takes care of the dirt and stains since it is a high-pressure one. The cleaner contains chemicals like methanol which discourage the breeding of germs. Germs are killed instantly when they are sprayed. The effectiveness of this cleaner leaves the surfaces spotlessly clean.

Large surface area cleaning. Cleaning per spray covers around 4500 square feet. This is a large surface area therefore, cleaning is made faster. With fast and perfect cleaning, one can achieve a cleaning routine within a short time. Time is utilized when using this cleaner putting in mind that you won’t end up tired after cleaning. You are guaranteed a spotless cleaning so save yourself the trouble of checking if all parts are clean.



6. Simple Green Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner

Simple Green Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner

It gives options depending on the degree of cleaning. This cleaner comes in concentrated form but it can be diluted to be suitable in certain categories. When oil or grease spills on a surface or in the case of cleaning an engine, intense cleansing is needed. Dilution is at a ratio of one glass of the cleaner to three glasses of water. Cleaning materials like steel, plastic, toilet bowel, and the floor require medium cleaning at the ratio of one glass of cleaner to five glasses of water. Light carpets, cars, and fabrics will be cleaned with a mold armor cleaner diluted at the ratio of one glass of armor cleaner to thirteen glasses of water.

Cleans with pressure. Some things are difficult to be cleaned by mopping or wiping. Such is like potted plants, flowers, grass, tires, and car surface. Spraying is a perfect means of cleaning them. With this cleaner, you have the option of cleaning them while spraying under pressure. You can spray potted plants with the required strength of pressure released. Pollen dust in flowers is easily removed then you can rinse the materials with clean water.

Variety cleaning. Various surfaces and things can be cleaned using the simple green cleaner. Metals like aluminum and steel are cleaned safely without wearing them up. Grease and oil elimination are very fast with little effort. Plastics like carpets can be cleaned without melting, plastic equipment cannot be deformed when you use this cleaner. The detergent is also safe on vehicles like cars.



7. Mr. Clean 64-fl oz Multi-Surface Outdoor Cleaner

Mr. Clean 64-fl oz Multi-Surface Outdoor Cleaner

Improve the look of your home with this cleaning solution at any time. This cleaner can power away dirt, mold stains, and grime with no scrubbing at all. Never underestimate the power of this amazing product, since if you use it well, it will leave every surface that it has been used on as sparkling as they can get. Therefore, create a more welcoming environment around your house by using this cleaner to do the necessary cleaning chores.

Call it Mr. Clean. Just like the name suggests, it delivers flawlessness in cleaning, giving you the chance to keep your house fresh and attractive. Your guests will love the warm and welcoming look of your home brought about by good cleaning. It comes with an easy spray selector that boasts of shower sets, direct spray, and wide horizontal and vertical patterns.

Besides, since it covers up to 4500 square feet. That is pretty economical. It means it can serve you for long before you need to buy another. This also shows how effective it is. It can be used on gutters, house siding, garbage cans, brick stone, wood, stucco, and cement. You can use it to clean your driveway.



8. Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover + Cleaner

Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover + Cleaner

You can always do your home good by cleaning it regularly. There is so much that you can save if you make cleaning your home a habit. It is even better if you use a high-quality stain remover and cleaner. Professionals will tell you that using an abrasive cleaner on tough stains will ruin the surfaces more than the stain.

And therefore, to protect your surfaces while removing everything else that stains them, this cleaner boasts buffered-bleach technology. It is capable of lifting dirt and removing mildew stains as if they are nothing. You should make good use of it if you want to enjoy its fruits. It is pretty easy to use too and will not give you any trouble.

It is capable of removing more dirt, stains, and grime than most of its competitions. You can use it at home, on boats, and RVs. It will not harm stitching or any surface. So if you care about the value of your wooded, concrete, fiberglass, and more, this is the most appropriate cleaner for you. It is worth giving a try.  



9. Scotts FBA 51501 Concentrate Plus Oxi Clean Outdoor Cleaner

Scotts FBA 51501 Concentrate Plus Oxi Clean Outdoor Cleaner

Using this cleanser is very safe. It does not produce harmful substances that can end up intoxicating a user. The user is therefore safe from suffocating and dying. This cleanser also does not burn crops, plants, and grass that could kill them. It is safe because if it accidentally pours on your clothes, it cannot decolorize them. It is generally safe therefore it proves to be a friend to the environment.

This product can be used directly on surfaces by spraying it. Places prone to mosses and mildew, especially after a winter period, could be stained. Other stains form due to molds, that develop on damp areas and the stains made are just so stubborn. Don’t worry, this cleaner is made to clean surfaces right away even those with the toughest dirt. Concentrated cleaner foams fast and clean up stubborn stains while soft dirt can be cleaned using a diluted cleaner.

This cleaner is suitable for cleaning several surfaces without posing the dangers of corrosion on them. Cemented surfaces with dirt, molds on bricks, wood walls, pavements and sides of walkways can be cleaned using this cleaner. It foams the fastest cleaning surfaces and leaving them spotless after a rinse. This cleaner has no bleaching ingredient which makes it okay for all outside surfaces and metal.



10. 30 SECONDS Cleaners 6430S 3PA

The cleaner occupies as large surface as about 600 square feet per spray. This is a large space, if a large space is covered, it means, cleaning task will be completed very fast. The stains made on surfaces by mosses are removed instantly when the cleaner comes in contact with the affected surfaces. The cleaner also chokes lichen instantly, lichen building up on surfaces could form an ugly view so removing them is necessary and quickest with this cleaner.

You are provided with directions of use that are simple and if you follow them accordingly, everything will be as effective as possible. You can eliminate pests that cause stains and remove the stains all by yourself without straining. With almost all outdoor surfaces suitable to be cleaned by this cleaner, you shouldn’t have trouble using it. Tents, pavements, walkways, pools among others are some of the surfaces you are going to clean as desired.

This cleaner is delightfully easy and safe to use. It requires you to just spray on the dirty surface, then foam forms, dirt is removed from the surface then you should rinse the surface with clean water. Brushing can be done for the case of tougher stains which is not mandatory. It is safe on the essence that it is non-flammable. It does not catch fire easily, furthermore, it does not perforate surfaces.



How to Choose the Right Vinyl Siding Cleaner

When buying the right vinyl siding cleaner, it is important to check a few important things. This will help you end up with a quality product that will meet your needs. Here are some important considerations to think about.


What are the types of ingredients that are used to make the cleaner? It is wise to consider this factor so that you can get a cleaner that doesn’t contain ingredients that react with vinyl. Look for hydrogen peroxide, soaps or water soluble ingredients. They work well and do not react with vinyl material.  Cleaners with organic solvents like acetone and benzene are not recommended because they will end up damaging the vinyl siding. Using such cleaners leads to haziness and discoloration.

What is the size of your home?

Homes vary when it comes to sizes so the length and the width of the siding will vary. Make sure that you buy the right amount of siding cleaner that will fit your home. You can clean effectively without necessarily making several trips to the store to get more siding cleaner.

Type of Dirt

What type of dirt or stains are you dealing with? This can vary based on the geographical location. Determine the type of stains that you will be dealing with so that you can get a quality cleaner that will work well.

Siding Material

It is important to know the type of siding that you have in your home before you pick the right vinyl siding cleaner. There are different materials that are used to make the siding which includes vinyl, wood, plastic, metal, and cement. You can also find some sidings made of aluminum. Regardless of the type of material, it is important to ensure that you get a quality cleaner that will work well.

Final Words

There are many reasons why people choose vinyl as the right material for siding cleaner. Not only does it look good but it is also weather resilient and also resists a wide range of pests. Maintaining your vinyl siding clean makes it last for a long time. This is why you need to get the best vinyl siding cleaner to make maintenance easy.

We hope that from our reviews and guide, it will be easier to find a quality vinyl siding cleaner that will meet your needs. We have given you honest reviews of the top ten products to help you make the right decision. Make comparisons and pick a suitable cleaner that meets your requirements.

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