10 Best Step Ladders 2020 – Reviews and Guide

Almost all of us have always been in a situation when we wished that we were slightly taller than our height. If you are one of those, you must be using a step stool or a chair to reach high shelves. However, there is always a risk attached to the insecure items that you have been using to reach there.

Step ladders come to the rescue in those situations, as they help you to ensure your safety. These ladders are available in different heights, weights, and sizes. It's entirely up to you to choose from a variety of options. Step ladders basically help you to comfortably clean ceilings and high windows without putting too much effort.

Moreover, you can also use them to repaint the interior/exterior of your house and restocking your retail store. A step ladder offers many other uses so that you cannot get disappointed in any situation.

With the advancements in technology, these ladders are now available in different configurations, features, and characteristics. You may find hundreds of household toolkits but a step ladder is one of those essential items that are always in demand. Due to their use, many people are always looking for a perfect step ladders in the market.

You always need them either you need to clean the ceiling, change a bulb or access a high cabinet. Firm support is needed in all those situations and you cannot rely on cheap ladders.

A step ladder allows you to do all of your household work with safety. We understand that choosing the best step ladder is one of the tricky tasks. You need to make a choice while considering every potential scenario you may encounter in your daily routine.

Recommended 10 Best Step Ladders

It is one of the reasons we have decided to list the top rated step ladders for you. The list includes handpicked options by our experienced professionals to help you make a purchase decision. Let's have a look at the best step ladder reviews that are light on pocket and also fit your specific needs.

Delxo 3 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool 3 Step ladders

Delxo 3 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool 3 Step ladders
  • Quite a spacious ladder
  • Small storage space is taken for storage
  • Plenty of room to move, step, and stand
  • Comfortable anti-slip handgrip that provides easy grip
  • Anti-slip paddles that are wide, ensure user stands with proper support

Delxo’s Folding 3-Feet Step Ladder is a high-quality product that comes at an affordable price. The ladder folds down easily to be stored in small spaces. It is one of the reasons the ladder is highly popular among users.

When it comes to safety, it has the capability to easily hold 330 pounds weight. You can avoid the situation when a ladder folds inadvertently due to its locking mechanism. Moreover, the non-skid feet allow you to maintain stability in difficult situations.

You can comfortably step onto the ladder whenever you need to reach higher places. Once you have completed your job, you can easily fold it down to be kept at your storage. It's said that every good thing comes at a price of its own. In this situation, the ladder is comparatively heavier than other products.

  • Perfect price
  • A lot of weight can be held
  • Made with safety in mind
  • For storage folds down easily
  • Comfortable handgrip
  • A bit heavy
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Rubbermaid RM-AUL3G 3-Step Ultra-Light Aluminum Stool

  • 33.625`` height
  • Silver in color
  • Weight: 8lbs
  • ANSI Type 2 Duty Rating
  • Designed with a sturdy top platform step
  • Comfortable handgrip
  • Incredibly lightweight yet sturdy

If you are looking for a lightweight step ladder that offers value for your money, Rubbermaid’s 3-Step Ultra Aluminum is the right choice. You can use it in situations when you want to reach heights in order to store your extra stuff.

Apart from that, you can easily unplug the parts to store it in a comfortable place. You can secure the top shelf with the help of the hand grip. It’s an additional security measure that helps you to easily maintain your balance.

However, this one can handle a smaller weight load as compared to others on the list. It is recommended that you should not put more than 225 pounds of weight. You may also need to secure the ladder with the help of a bungee cord during storage. It is important to ensure that the ladder doesn’t open when you don’t need it.

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Safety features are great
  • Easy-grip
  • Lightweight
  • Pops open during storage
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Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating 6-foot Stepladder with Platform

  • Full support provided
  • Durability is long-lasting
  • The sleek design of the profile
  • Rating is amazing
  • Ideal for residential and professional use
  • Rubber feet

We understand that keeping a full-sized ladder is almost difficult for users with small apartments. Thus, Flip-N-Lite’s 5-Foot Platform Stepladder is perfect to serve areas with small space. It inspires users with safety features that allow users to reach high ceilings.

One of the best aspects of this ladder is that you can easily open it with a single hand. It would be easy for you to set it up at any place if one of your hands is busy. The rubber feet allow the ladder to stand steady on any surface. In other words, you won’t have to worry about sliding on uncomfortable surfaces.

So, it’s the best choice for those who are looking for a full-sized stepladder. However, you need to keep in mind that this product is relatively expensive than other products in the market. Some people count it as a drawback as well.

  • Reliable
  • Easily opened
  • Provides support
  • Long-lasting
  • Slim and stylish
  • Provides great floor to ceiling reach
  • Made of aluminum material
  • One-hand opening
  • Lightweight can be carried single-handedly
  • A bit expensive than others
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Best Choice Folding Steel 3-Step Stool Ladder

  • Design is great
  • Loading capacity is 330 pounds
  • Its total measurement is 28.7″ ×17.7″ × 52″
  • Usage is quite easy
  • Made of high-quality HD steel.
  • Tray is included
  • Skids are avoided due to rubber feet

This company needs no introduction as they are famous for making durable ladders. This ladder is a must-have if you need a ladder for both indoor and outdoor use. If you require to reach high areas then this ladder is the one for you. It can be used for DIY projects and painting etc.

It can handle up to 330 pounds which is about 22 times its actual weight as its weight is around 15 pounds only. The ladder dimension is 29 x 18 x 52 inches. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. As it has a huge top platform so it will be easy for you to keep your tools on it such as paint buckets working tools.

Some of the users say that it’s a bit heavy, but that’s not a major issue. One of the amazing features of this ladder is it won’t tremble when you stand on it, no matter how heavy you are. It’s all because of its safety lock system and well-built steel made structure.

All I can say is this ladder is worth trying and you should give it a chance.

  • Durable and secure
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Space-saving and Portable
  • Wide steps and anti-skid rubber feet provide safety and support
  • Project shelf at the top
  • It doesn’t take extra space for storage.
  • Easy to move
  • Very heavy
  • Plastic steps
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Little Giant 17-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

Little Giant 17-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder
  • Very stable due to wide-flared legs and dual-pin hinge
  • 33 different configurations
  • Made of aluminum material
  • Multipurpose and multifunctional ladder
  • Made of aircraft-grade alloy
  • Design is unique and original
  • Weighs only 30.5 pounds

Are you tired of using a typical step ladder? Then Little giant 17-foot step ladder is the best choice for you. You can see in the heading that it is a multi-use step ladder. Convertible design is the basic difference between this ladder and the others. There are many other features that make this ladder stand out among others, let’s have a look.

An advanced feature of this step ladder is the rock lock mechanism which is used for safety purposes. As we need to frequently adjust the height of the step ladder and its quite time-consuming. But, in this step ladder, there is a rock lock system which offers you to adjust the height easily and also helps in the configuration.

As I said before its convertible. With the help of its dual-pin hinge, it can reach up to 19 feet. Therefore, you can reach high areas very easily such as ceiling, top of shelves and many others.

This step ladder can be converted to a staircase ladder, an extension ladder, plank & support scaffolding system, and a frame ladder. It gives you the highest comfort and safety, no matter in which form you want to use it.

A dual-pin hinge provides more stability. It is made of high-quality aluminum. Due to aluminum construction, it prevents rust but you should not use it for electrical works.

Overall, from each and every angle, IT’S PERFECT!

  • For easy adjustment, rock lock system is added
  • Can reach up to 19 feet
  • Can be used in 5 different ways
  • Very stable and reliable
  • Versatile, Portable, Light-weight
  • Provides high comfort and safety
  • Can be extended up to 30 feet
  • For easy transportation it has wheels
  • Easily portable, Can perform a job of five ladders
  • Can reach the toughest areas
  • For electrical works, it’s not that ideal to use
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LivingSURE Folding 4-Step Safety Ladder

LivingSURE Folding 4-Step Safety Ladder
  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Durability is long-lasting
  • Anti-slip steps provide heel-to-toe surface support
  • Padded side handrails for a comfortable grip
  • Weighs only 27.6 pounds
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Convenient folding design for easy storage
  • Dimensions are- 32 inch L x 21 inch W x 66 inch H overall

The ladder packs anti-slip treads and impresses users with a peasant white color. One of the best things about this ladder is that it offers extra support in the form of support handrails. This feature makes the ladder stand out from other products.

This multi functional ladder can easily carry around 300 lbs weight. Some other specs about this ladder are listed below. Moreover, it makes you feel more secure at the top level as compared to other ladders. You will thank the manufacturer especially when you have to turn off your smoke alarm at midnight.

LivingSURE, ensure extra protection in tricky situations due to safety handrails. All in all this ladder is one of the most secure options currently available in the market.

  • Safety handrails, Perfect for indoor use
  • Very stable, The load capacity of 300 pounds
  • Easily foldable for space-saving storage
  • Long-lasting, Four wide steps
  • Easily portable, Multipurpose Use
  • A bit heavy and difficult to move
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Support Plus Folding 4-Step Safety Step Ladder

Support Plus Folding 4-Step Safety Step Ladder
  • Stability is high than any other ladder
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Weighs only 27.6 pounds
  • Safe design, Ideal for indoor usage
  • Non-marring legs protect the floor from scratching
  • Can be extended up to 63.25"
  • Steps provide heel-to-toe support
  • Do not tremble when you stand on it
This is the fourth category of a ladder that packs safety and utility. Each of the four steps is 10.25” wide. Even the unsteady users can get excellent stability with this one. If you are someone who is looking for extra protection, the ladder comes with padded handrails. The steps have a maximum height of 38” that are spaced apart at 9.5”. Most importantly, they have a stainless-steel construction. The user can store anything into the ten different compartments of the tool caddy that comes along with it. The handrails and the steel construction add to the weight of the ladder. The non-slip feet help you to maintain your balance on all sorts of surfaces and you can also fold them to a depth of around 9”. The unit comes with a warranty and it is considered as one of the most expensive models. Pros
  • Comfortable padding on both handrails for a soft and comfortable grip
  • Ten different pouches for holding your tools
  • CONVENIENT folding design for storage
  • High Stability, Great safety features
  • Load capacity up to 300 pounds
  • Easy to store, Portable
  • Long-lasting, Useful pockets
  • Expensive than others
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Polder LDR-3500RM Ultralight 5-Step Stool

Polder LDR-3500RM Ultralight 5-Step Stool
  • 5 step design with Aluminum construction
  • Light-weight, wood-grain color
  • Weighs only 11 pounds
  • Has a safety lock system for security
  • Non-skid treads for comfort and secure footing
  • Maximum load capacity is 225 pounds
  • ANSI Type II rated for a maximum capacity of 225
  • Folds flat to 5" thick and 52.5" tall

Polder is a well-known company and produce durable products.With Polder’sthis step ladder you can reach to higher regions and also it permits every family member to reach wherever they want to such as in the workroom, garage,library, and other rooms where any bulb needs to be changed. It is made of high-quality aluminum. It also has high-grip handles and anti-skid steps and feet for your convenience. You get 24.5” high when you step on the top wide step. It can be extended up to 71”. This ladder has a load capacity of 225 pounds. It is ideal for indoor use. Storage is very easy as it can be folded and can be stored anywhere easily.

  • Sturdy 5-step ultra light step stool
  • For extra stability, the extra-wide top step
  • Easily foldable for storage
  • Durable & Portable
  • Safe design
  • Poor packaging
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Chara HOME 4 Step Ladder

Chara HOME 4 Step Ladder
  • Multipurpose use
  • Perfect for extra high regions
  • Secure and stable
  • Made of premium-grade steel
  • Space-saving folding design
  • Maximum load capacity is 500 pounds
  • Anti-skid steps for safety
  • Safety lock system
  • Side handgrip for extra safety
  • A handy pouch is included for your working tools

One of the top choices for heavy-duty multipurpose equipment is Charahome four-step ladder which is also affordable in price. As it is made of premium-grade steel so its structure is rated for a maximum load capacity of 500 pounds. Its topmost step gives an extra reach of 38 inches from the ground. The rubber-covered feet which are anti-skid and metal crossbarson the top step guarantee stable support and maximum safety while using. It also has a locking mechanism for safety while it is open.

The steps measure 15 inches by 10.25 inches, providing a durable standing platform for users. Another amazing feature is the side handrails which provide a comfortable grip and are easy to move around. A detachable pouch is included with it for keeping the working tools in it for convenience. For storage its best as it can be folded easily and takes less space. Overall, it’s a perfect tool for multiple purposes. You should try it and I am telling you that you won’t regret buying it.

  • Light-weight and Portable
  • Save storage space
  • Can be used for different purposes
  • Amazing load capacity
  • Provides maximum safety
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Four wide and anti-slip steps
  • Safety issues
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Folding 3-Step Safety Step Ladder

Folding 3-Step Safety Step Ladder
  • Weighs only 18.6 pounds
  • Dual padded handrails provide a soft and comfortable grip
  • Convenient folding design for storage or transport
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Stable and durable
  • Convenient for the elderly and women
  • Includes handy tool caddy with ten different-sized pouches hold your working tools

This is a very reliable and durable ladder. If aesthetics is your priority then you must try this ladder, this is definitely the one for you. The design of this ladder is excellent and it’s a joy to use for all kinds of people. It is quite convenient for old people and ladies who cannot step easily on the top steps of the ladder. It is ideal for indoor usage as it has three steps and cannot be extended further. Most ladders don’t have handrails for grip and a lot more care is needed while using it, but this ladder has handrails that are padded due to which provides a comfortable grip.

Another amazing feature is its top pouch which has ten different pockets. You can store different working tools in different pockets. It is a very useful feature as you don’t have to come all the way down for each tool, just grab them from the pouch and use.

It can be hanged on the wall. As the name indicates it can be easily foldable and save a lot of storage space. It is also easy to move around. Last but not least, it can support up t 300 pounds weight.

  • Stability is high than any other ladder
  • Safe design
  • Ideal for indoor usage
  • Steps provide heel-to-toe support
  • Do not tremble when you stand on it
  • Ten different pouches for holding your tools
  • Convenient folding design for storage
  • Stability issues
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Buyer's Guide For The Best Step Ladder

You have to consider a lot of things while buying a step ladder. Your safety depends on a lot of factors while using it. You must focus on the points mentioned below while buying the best rated step ladder.

Material of the Ladder

Usually step ladders are made using many different kinds of materials each with its favorable circumstances and limitations. The materials that are usually used are aluminum, plastic or steel which totally depends on the purpose for which ladder will going to be used.

For instance, if you are using it for painting then you will require a steel step ladder since they are very durable. Plastic can be used when you use it for a task that are done in less time. Aluminum and steel ladders area lot more solid and sturdy. So, pick one that will function according to your needs.


Whenever you are above the ground you are open to any kind of mishaps. So,a safe and secure ladder is the thing that you will always be needing in any situation.

Get step ladder that has wide steps. Plus, they should be having rubber feet for firmness. They are mostly anti-skid steps that will guarantee your security. Likewise, it is necessary to get a step ladder with first-class locking mechanisms. Due to all this, the step ladder feels and looks safe.


Price is the main thing to look for as you have to see that whether the step ladder is within your price range or not. The costs depend upon the material used to make the step ladder. For instance, Steel, plastic or wood step ladders are quite affordable as compared to aluminum step ladders, which are progressively costly.

Those step ladders with additional things like cushioned rails or handy pouch are more costly. The more notable features a step ladder have the more expensive it is. This totally depends upon your own choice. I would recommend getting a costly one that will last longer rather than a less expensive one that will break in less time. But also get a step ladder that won't break your bank.


Accessories are those things that are provided for your convenience. A handy pouch is included in the affordable step ladder. This is advantageous when you have to work with different tools and move them around with you as you do different chores. You should look for a step ladder with this specific accessory. Keep in mind that the weight of the tools should not be a lot otherwise, it can fall.

There are other things like braces, levelers and hooks. Each of them is mostly included with the step ladder. They make the unfolding and folding easy and can be easily stored. They are intended to shield your walls and furnishings from marks. It is smarter to get these kinds of stepladders having accessories.

Weight and Height

Many types of ladders can be utilized by any individual who can climb them. This doesn't mean that you should ignore the height of the step ladder. In case you're tall then you will need a shorter stepladder and vice versa. This is because tall people are not comfortable with a tall ladder and for short people tall ladder is more convenient as compared to a short one.

If you have plenty of tasks then you have to move the ladder a lot. Due to this step ladders should be lightweight for easy transportation. Step ladder should be the type that won't be a problem in moving particularly when you perform house chores. The recommended step ladder can be easily folded carried around. On the other hand, you can get one with wheels for easy transportation.

Final Verdict

I hope that our best step ladder reviews will be useful for your buy either it’s the first one or the next. To wrap up this article, all I can say that there are various kinds of step ladders that are available in the market nowadays. We have reviewed 10 out of them based on their fabulous quality, brands, and features. Besides, all our included step ladders are amazing in performance.

Independent of whether you use it outside or in your home, these step ladders are very safe to use and are handy. It is very important to take a lot of care while using these. Pick the one that you consider to be a solid match according to your needs.

Lastly, I hope that this article was of some use to you and you will definitely pick the best step ladder of all times. All the best!

If you have any queries or you want to share your experience then share it with us in the comment section below.

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