10 Best Sprinkler Valve – Gide and Review

A sprinkler system is vital
equipment that you need for effective watering. This system has several
components that work together to water your plants. A sprinkler valve is one of
the essential parts of the sprinkler system. It takes water from an inlet, stores
and then pressurizes it in the chamber and then releases it using an outlet.
So, if you have a yard or garden, investing in the best sprinkler valve can be
a great idea.

But how do you pick the right
product form the variety of sprinkler valves that are available on the market?
Well, you don’t need to be an expert to make the right choice. If you have the
right information, you can pick a quality sprinkler valve that suits your

We have done an extensive
research to provide you with reviews of recommended sprinkler valves that you
can purchase. These valves have a combination of different features that make
them ideal for specific environments. With the information we have provided, it
will be easier for you to select the right sprinkler valve.

Recommended Best Sprinkler Valve Reviews

Selecting an ideal sprinkler system can be tough, especially if you are buying for the first time. The last thing a gardener wants is a valve that results in mist. We dedicated our time to research and testing to give you ideas on recommended sprinkler valves that work well. Compared their bestselling aspects to help you make the right choice.

1. Rain Bird 100-DV 1″ Inlet Residential Sprinkler Valve

The Rain Bird 100-DV sprinkler valve is ideal for residential and simple commercial applications. This is an in-line valve that you need to install one inch below the ground. The valve works well on any 24 volt AC irrigation timer.

It features an exceptional reverse-flow design, so you do not expect flooding in case the diaphragm fails. Therefore, the valve will close to prevent the wastage of water.

Rain Bird 100-DV 1" Inlet Residential Sprinkler Valve

Another top feature of this valve is the adjustable flow control. This works well to eliminate misting that can be wasteful when the water pressure is high. On top of that, you will find a flow control knob that is easy to use to promote flow to the zones for uniform coverage.

The valve also features a double-filtered pilot-floe design that offers optimum reliability. Additionally, the balanced pressure diaphragm extends the life of the valve. This valve also features an external bleed to flush dirt and debris manually when installing it.



  • Features heavy-duty construction for durable use
  • The sprinkler valve is energy efficient
  • It provides reliable performance without clogging
  • Comes with a manual for easy installation
  • You can expect a superior performance even when the weather is harsh
  • Great if it had a filter

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2. Orbit 57281 57101 FPT 1-Inch Inline Sprinkler Valve

Orbit is one of the top brands that provide you with a wide range of gardening tools and equipment. In their series of sprinkler valves, the Orbit 57281 57101 is top product that you can get.

This valve is works well with 24-volt sprinkler systems, and you should use it with cold water only for outdoor irrigation.

Orbit 57281 57101 FPT 1-Inch Inline Sprinkler Valve

The valve has a nice design that prevents the flow of water from the ruptured diaphragm. Therefore, no water wastage or flooding can take place. It features a manual on and off bypass lever that is perfect for flushing and testing sprinkler lines. Additionally, it features a reverse flow design for effective performance.

This valve features a self-cleaning design, so no need to clean it. This in-line valve is made in China and has quality components that enhance its durability.



  • Works well to reduce flooding or water wastage
  • The valve has a nice reverse-flow design
  • Features a quality self-cleaning design
  • Waterproof and has a strong construction
  • Some valves allow water to leak
  • Newer design has fewer materials which cause cracking

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3. Rain Bird CP075 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve

The Rain Bird CP075 In-Line valve makes a good selection for residential and light commercial use. This valve works well with any standard sprinkler timer and needs below-ground installation.

Therefore, people will not see the valve or touch it since it is under the ground. You can also choose to operate it manually or automatically, depending on your preference.

This dependable valve features a quality solenoid that resists power surges. It features a compact design, and it can replace various in-line irrigation valves that you have with ¾ inch female threaded inlet. This valve provides you with a reliable performance regardless of the weather condition.

Another great aspect of this sprinkler valve is the fail-safe design. In case the diaphragm is not working well, the reverse flow design keeps it closed. This means that there will not be water wastage, which can lead to flooding. Operating this valve is also simple. You can remove the screws with ease if you want to access the diaphragm.



  • The valve is energy-efficient
  • Made using high-quality materials
  • Saves water in case of diaphragm failure
  • It features a compact design
  • Works well under all weather conditions
  • No way to turn off the valve manually
  • You need to be careful with the installation

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4. Hunter Slip x Slip PGV Jar-Top Valves w/Flow Control PGV

When choosing a sprinkler valve, it is essential to consider a valve that is easy to use and maintain. In this regard, I would recommend the Hunter Slip x Slip PGV Jar-Top Valves if you need it for residential applications.

This valve works well, and you don’t need any tools to service the unit.

Hunter Slip x Slip PGV Jar-Top Valves w/Flow Control PGV

It features a durable high-grade PVC material that gives it a long-lasting use. Additionally, the material is UV and corrosion-resistant. The valve features a diaphragm that is double-beaded and leak-proof. It works well to prevent water wastage in case of any failure. You can also get it with or without flow control.

This unit also has internal and external manual bleed that allows fast and simple setup once you activate the valve. On top of that, you will find a low flow capability that has drip irrigation. This sprinkler valve also has a double-glass filled nylon threaded bonnet ring that allows you to access the tools easily.



  • You will enjoy 100% customer guarantee
  • Features a heavy-duty construction for durability
  • The valve is easy to install and maintain
  • Offers a reliable and versatile application
  • Diaphragm seal design prevents leaks
  • Good sprinkler valve for the price
  • No negative reviews so far

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5. Irritrol 2400T Globe NPT Threaded Connection, 1

When it comes to sprinkler valves, there are so many models you can choose on the market. One of the top models that provides you a reliable performance is the Irritrol 2400T Globe.

This sprinkler valve is equipped with excellent features that any gardener would love. First, it features an internal and external bleed that allows you to use it manually.

The valve is available in multiple configurations like slip, female NPT, male x male, and male x barb. Serving this valve is also a simple task. The threaded bonnet design gives room for servicing without necessarily removing the system.

On top of that, it features a rugged and double-beaded santoprene diaphragm that provides a leak proof performance. You don’t have to worry about flooding and water wastage when you have this valve. Operation is also bliss, thanks to the full stainless steel metering system that ensures a consistent operation.



  • Good quality and works well
  • It is easy to install
  • You can get it in different configurations
  • Gives room for manual operation
  • Easy to service it without removing the whole unit
  • The valve features a strong and durable construction
  • Doesn’t shut off and it leaks

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6. Orbit 57253 3-Valve Heavy Duty Preassembled Manifold

This is another reliable 3-1 sprinkler valve that is easy to install. This valve works well in ¾ and a one-inch system. It features a simple wire system that makes wiring simple when installing it to the timer.

You also don’t require any tools to do the installation. You can tighten it using your hands when installing.

Orbit 57253 3-Valve Heavy Duty Preassembled Manifold

The durability of a sprinkler valve matters. You want to have a high-quality product that will serve you well under all weather conditions. This is why this model is designed with a high-impact, and UV resistant make to offer many years of great services. Besides, it includes an easy seal waterproof wire for reliable performance.

This system is expandable. By simply adding some manifolds or additional valves, you can easily customize it to meet your needs. You should also know that the valve is suitable for cold water use only outdoors.



  • It features a durable construction
  • The valve is simple to install without tools
  • You can add some valves to make it expandable
  • Works well with many sprinkler systems
  • Complaints of leaks
  • The solenoids would have been of quality

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7. Orbit 57860 Battery Operated Sprinkler Timer with Valve

If you don’t have a power outlet near your sprinkler box, this is the right system to use. The valve comes with a timer, and it works off DC battery power. This unit is suitable for tight spaces. Being a battery-operated model, you can carry it with ease.

It also features a small footprint where you can place the timer in the valve box using the included solenoid mounting clip.

Orbit 57860 Battery Operated Sprinkler Timer with Valve

The timer unit also detaches with ease from the unit to provide you with easy programming. All the valve connections and the timer feature watertight O-ring, so you don’t have to worry about the water damaging the electrical parts. Programming this unit is easy. It can operate up to 4 stations with eight start times.

This unit is a rain sensor compatible. This means that you can connect a rain sensor to delay watering for a specific time. This unit also features durable construction to provide you with many years of use. Its weatherproof housing ensures a reliable performance all the time.



  • Great sprinkler valve that comes with a timer
  • Features a durable construction
  • It is rain sensor compatible
  • Offers simple and flexible programming
  • Great for use in tight spaces
  • It has a low battery warning
  • Stops working after some time
  • Valve threads don’t seal tight

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8. Toro 53708 1-Inch Jar Top Underground Sprinkler System Valve

Would you like to replace your old sprinkler valve with a new one? Try the Toro 53708 sprinkler valve for better performance. This unit works well with any irrigation system, and it is designed to meet your watering needs.

It provides you with an optional flow control so you can adjust the flow of every zone in your system.

Toro 53708 1-Inch Jar Top Underground Sprinkler System Valve

A sprinkler valve is designed for outdoor use. Therefore, you need a quality model that can withstand harsh weather conditions. This is why this unit features a heavy-duty Toro Solenoid system that gives reliable performance and extended life.

This automatic valve is suitable for irrigation sprinklers and needs below ground installation. It features a full stainless steel metering system to enhance its durability. On top of that, the valve is equipped with a double beaded diaphragm that gives a leak-free operation.



  • Provides a simple installation
  • The valve features a durable construction
  • Diaphragm design prevents leaks
  • Works well with all irrigation systems
  • Offers simple and fast servicing
  • Complaints of leaks
  • Some users find this model poor quality

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9. Hunter Sprinkler PGV100GS PGV Series

The Hunter Sprinkler is another amazing model that doesn’t have flow control. It is suitable for large landscape applications and delivers an incredible performance.

This is one of the most durable valves that you can find to suit residential and commercial use.

Hunter Sprinkler PGV100GS PGV Series

The valve comes in a wide range of configurations. If you need a model for smaller landscape applications, you can get this model in four one inch configurations. These include globe, angle, male x male, and male x bard design.



  • It is easy to install
  • Features a durable construction
  • Available in different configurations
  • No cons so far

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10. Dura 1″ 6 Valve Manifold Setup for Irrigation System

Looking for ways to expand your sprinkler zone? If so, get the Dura 1″ 6 Valve Manifold Setup. This is a simple unit that has a wide range of useful features. The system is designed to boost the lifespan of your sprinkler system with low maintenance.

It features a low power encapsulated solenoid that boosts energy efficiency without compromising the performance.

Another great aspect of this unit is the balanced pressure diaphragm that makes it durable. It features 200-micron self-cleaning water filter pilot to remove any kind of dirt in the system. Additionally, the durability of the unit is enhanced by the double-filtered pilot flow design.

Installing or repairing this unit is simple. There is no need for cutting or re-gluing the sections to repair damaged manifolds. Additionally, all the fittings feature o-ring, so you don’t require a Teflon tape when making the connections.



  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Offers a great value for your money
  • It has an incredible manifold setup
  • Features a quality construction
  • It is energy efficient
  • Works well with standard sprinkler timers
  • Glue residues on the PVC lining

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Consider While Buying the Best Sprinkler Valve

Before you spend your money on a particular sprinkler system, it is wise to consider a few things. We put a lot of things into consideration when selecting our top products like stability, durability, price, and brand, among others.

Here are other essential things that will help you select a quality sprinkler valve.


Types Of Sprinkler Valves

This is probably the first thing that you should know when picking a sprinkler system to ensure water flow. There are different types of sprinkler valves that you can pick for your sprinkler system. Some of the most common types include the following:

  • Gate valves- This can be a great selection for lawn sprinkler system. The valve works well when you require free bore and minimum pressure loss.
  • Ball sprinkler valve- Great valve for commercial use or if you need frequent use. It allows you to control various sections of your irrigation system.
  • Automatic control valve- Great option for watering landscapes, gardens and lawns. It simplifies your work and provides a high performance, dependability, and consistency.
  • Anti-siphon valve- It prevents water contamination because it is responsible for water backflow. It is suitable for residential irrigation systems; however, avoid using it for more than 12 hours continuously.
  • In-line valve- You can install this type of valve underground to hide the plumbing. The valve works well to control the flow of water, and it is ideal for simple industrial use. It has a compact and durable design, and it also provides you with flexibility.


We are all looking for products that offer durable performance, don’t you? Durability goes hand in hand with the type of material. You can either find sprinkler valves that are made of metal, while others feature a heavy-duty plastic construction. You want to select the right valve that lasts longer. All the above sprinkler valves we have recommended were picked based on their durability.

Easy of use

Sprinkler valves are designed differently. This means that some models can be tough to use as compared to others. First of all, you need to consider safety first, bearing in mind that a sprinkler valve is an electrical device. If you are a beginner, invest your money on a quality product that is easy to use. Also, check the guide to help you with the setup and much more.

Price and Warranty

What is your budget? The price matters because it goes hand in hand with the quality in most cases. Ensure that you spend your money on the right product to get the best performance and durability. It is also essential to consider the warranty because it gives you some security when buying a product. You can get some sprinkler valves that carry a warranty of up to 1-year buy; this depends on the brand.


Just like when you are burning other products, you need to consider the brand. This gives you an assurance of quality and reliable use if you buy a product from a top brand. Luckily, we have given you sprinkler valves from some of the top brands on the market today. All the above models work well and offer a durable performance.

Final Words

A sprinkler valve plays a huge role in your watering system. Therefore, you should get the best sprinkler valve with the right features. We have narrowed down your research time by recommending some top 10 best sprinkler valves for the money. All these products are quality, and they are from top brands.

We also selected durable and functional units that come at affordable prices. After comparing their unique features and checking the buying guide, I’m sure you will get the right sprinkler valves that work well. Good luck with your purchase.

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