Best Sod Pluggers – Ultimate Reviews ans Buyer’s Guide

A good sod plugger can transform the quality of your garden work and make your work easier. As a farmer or just homeowner, you need to be well equipped for various gardening tasks and a sod plugged would be a piece of great equipment to add to your collection of tools. You will need it to transplant grass or plant bulb. For that, it will save you a lot of effort and energy.

Just like other products, there are lots of different sod pluggers from different companies and with different qualities that set them apart from each other. Therefore, for you to choose the best Sod pluggers, you need to do a thorough analysis before the purchase.

10 Best Sod Pluggers Reviews

Bulb Planter, Weeder, Sod Plugger

CHUMAA Bulb Planter, Weeder, Sod Plugger

People like it for a lot of things, and just to generalize why it is so special from an expert’s point of view, it is the kind that gets the job done without demanding too much on your end. Its simple design contributes to its general ease of use characteristic. It penetrates the soil easily. You can then turn it clockwise and anti-clockwise to loosen up the dirt before you pull it up.

This sod plugger can serve many other purposes too. It is a 5 in 1 tool that can also be used as a bulb planter, flower planter, weeder, and a soil sampler. Such a degree of versatility would be a c great convenience to some homeowners. 


  • Simple and easy to use- This is a simply designed gardening and lawn tool with an excellent reputation among homeowners
  • Quick– allows you to dig one after another without wasting much time
  • Long design– It is long and easy to drive into the soil
  • Multipurpose– can be used for a variety of lawn and gardening activities
  • Comfortable- Length protects your back, while a comfortable grip protects your hands


  • Does not stand a chance in dry hard soil- but also, you will be fighting loose soil falling back into the hole

2. Yard Butler Sod Plugger

Yard Butler Sod Plugger

If you are getting busy in your garden or lawn now and then, this is one so the must-have tools that you need in your farm tools collection. If you are looking for a tool for transplanting plugs, this should be one of the sod pluggers that should come to your mind. It does not matter the type of turf grass on your lawn.

They come in different types so that you get the opportunity to select the appropriate one for each lawn condition. If you are good with lawn work and gardening, you should know what is best for every situation. And for that matter, this tool collection gives you the chance to customize your work.


  • Built to last– made of powder-coated steel that is well known for durability
  • Versatile– Works for transplanting plugs of all types of grasses
  • Plugs fit tightly into holes you have prepared– Tightly fit plugs help the turf to grow and survive better
  • Easy ejector handle– It is gentle on your back since you do not have to bend over
  • Cuts easily into the soil– you only use little energy to do your work as a result


  • The size of the sods is small- you have to cut up so many sods in large lawn

3. Garden Weasel Bulb Planter

Garden Weasel Bulb Planter

A gardener’s best friend as they call it. It allows you to plant bulbs very quickly. Besides, it allows you to work at a very comfortable standing point. That way, it is very easy on your back and can be used for longer without feeling the strain. The comfortable posture is complemented by its comfortable and sturdy handgrips.

It features a pretty simple and easy-to-use design that includes a footplate for you to place your foot. All it requires from you is to press the blade into the ground, twist well and remove. It has a thoughtful design which makes it more economical if you wanted to the planting space well. It has a sharp blade and a pointed tip that slides effortlessly into the soil.


  • Tough and durable steel design– Made from carbon steel which is weather and rust-resistant
  • Well-positioned handle grip and footplate- offer superior leverage and force with minimum effort
  • Cost-effective– It will serve you for a longer period with little maintenance from you
  • Sharp blade and pointed tip– Designed to make your work easier
  • Safe for use– features such as extra-wide non-slip footplate maximize safety


  • Not that versatile- There are things you cannot do with this in your garden or lawn

4. Radius Garden, 212, PRO Ergonomic Bulb Auger

Radius Garden, 212, PRO Ergonomic Bulb Auger

is a bulb auger that features a head that has an extended blade tip for easier
cutting through the soil. Some soils need a tool with thoughtfully designed
tips to cut through. And for that, this one by Radius Garden has teeth designed
to cut effortlessly into compacted soil. This is enhanced by its over-molded
handle and thermoplastic grip to give you a comfortable and stress-free working

O-shaped handle is four times more grip-effective than other handle designs.
The handle provides enough room for both of your hands, providing you with
extra leverage and reducing stress on your hands. Also, this is one of those
tools that would remain in your tools collection for many years to come. It
boasts a strong stainless steel blade and a resin-coated carbon steel shaft.


  • Safety enhanced– Wide and elevated forward step enhance the safety of the user
  • O-shaped handle– Protects your hands, wrist, and arms from stress and fatigue and provides extra leverage
  • Extended blade tip and teeth– Cuts into compact soil effortlessly hence reducing stress on you
  • Resin-encased carbon steel shaft– This quality contributes to its general amazing durability
  • Super strong blade– It is made of stainless steel hence powerful on soil and durable


  • Some people are not used to the round handle design– Traditional T-shaped hand allows your hands apart

5. Burpee Steel Bulb Planter

Burpee Steel Bulb Planter

One of the most notable strengths of this tool is its high degree of efficiency and ease of use. You do not have to be used to it to figure it out altogether. It has a wood curved handle that is unique to it and that greatly enhances comfort so that the user enjoys every bit of the fall bulbs planting. With this, you can do a lot within a very short time. So, if you are looking for a satisfying gardening experience, get one of these.

It will transform your gardening performance and give you better results. This bulb planter has a stainless steel hammertoe finish, a durable long-lasting steel body that penetrates compacted soil like it is nothing.  Do not expect this tool to bend under any circumstance. 


  • High-quality tool- Made from well-thought-of materials and toughly put together
  • Handy design– The size and mode of use make it easier to control
  • Maintains perfection– Allows you to be more accurate in whatever you use it for
  • Wood curved handle- The handle is comfortable and protects your hand from getting sore
  • Easy penetration into the soil– Steel body is tough enough to penetrate the soil without bending


  • Too small- It may cause pain to your back when you use it continuously for long

6. FLORA GUARD Bulb Planter with Depth Mark

FLORA GUARD Bulb Planter with Depth Mark

This gardening tool has been designed with an enthusiastic gardener in mind. It is shiny and attractive. Who said garden work does not require clean and elegant tools. I guess the design encourages you to clean the tool up after use. Since the materials are rust-resistant, it will maintain its shiny looks if you take good care of it. All these amazing qualities combine to help make any gardener’s efforts to create the perfect garden and lawn a success.

It has a spring-loaded handle that is ergonomically designed to deliver optimal performance especially in cases of large scale use. With its thoughtful design and the quality of its handle, you only have to apply little energy in whatever work you are using it for. You can get the best out of it since its parts are innovatively put together to deliver optimal results. Besides, it is lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • Made of quality materials- The material is hard and therefore will not deform easily
  • Shinny and attractive- This encourages you to keep it clean after use
  • Rustproof- Its surface is anticorrosive and therefore lasts longer
  • In terms of size, it is conveniently small- This makes it handy and easy to carry around
  • Easy to transplant- Thanks to its design and quality, it makes transplanting easier


  • Not suitable for large gardening projects- You have to use it kneeling or bending

7. Corona LG 3720 Sod PLUGGER

Corona LG 3720 Sod PLUGGER

This is for sure one of the cutest sod pluggers on the market. Some people like elegant tools and this would pass for one of such. You can fill the areas that lack grass with grass all around your lawn with the help of this tool. Within its cute contemporary design, this is a powerful tool that can give you the morale to transform your lawn into an attractive part of your home.

This sod plugger creates holes that are properly sized that fits the standard three-inch grass and sod plugs. Its quick-release plunger efficiently removes sod plugs and delivers them safely into the already dug holes. While it helps you do all these, its high carbon still construction holds it still, sturdy and rugged enough to withstand all the work as it comes. And for safer or more convenient use, it is designed with slip-resistant traction groves on the footplate.


  • Has footplate- The footplate helps press down the soil with less hand effort
  • Longer construction- The lengthy design allows you to work in a comfortable standing position
  • High-quality material- Made of heat-treated high carbon steel
  • Enhanced safety- Slip-resistant traction groves
  • Creates properly sized holes- The quality and size of the holes affect the survival of the grasses


  • Does not work well in removing established grass- But you can water the area a few hours before

8. Zenport GA401 Dibber for Planting Seeds and Bulbs

Zenport GA401 Dibber for Planting Seeds and Bulbs

smart gardener knows better the negative impact of underestimating certain
tools. There are certain tools that night look unnecessary but in actual sense
and the most important for your garden work. The Zenport GA401 Dibber is an
amazing planting tool. You just need to be careful not to misuse it. Otherwise,
it can help you plant seeds and bulbs more effectively.

is lightweight and has a strong handle for a steadfast grip. This plus its
generally strong construction gives you optimal control over it, and that is
what makes you achieve so much with. Its sharp pointed tip punctures the ground
to make holes deep enough for the seed to be launched in. It has measuring
units calibrated on it to help make the holes more precisely. 


  • Pointed tip pierces the ground- This makes working with it easier even on tougher grounds
  • Lightweight- You can grip it more steadfastly and carry it around more without straining
  • No assembly required– It is made up of one body
  • Measurement units on it for making more precise holes– Helps you become more accurate with the holes you make
  • Durable for long-lasting use- It is strong and makes planting easier


  • Less versatile- Just suited for planting seeds and bulbs

9. Long
Handled Bulb Planter Tools

Long Handled Bulb Planter Tools

This is a more advanced garden tool featuring some unique contemporary characteristics. If you did not know that it is a garden tool you would not even believe it if somebody told you that it is. Shinny and classy, this tool need some extra care. For instance, you are not supposed to use it on dry or oversaturated soil. It does most of the work semi-automatically, leaving you with just a little to do.

With this tool, you will not have to bend or kneel to perform your vital garden tasks. That just tells you how suitable it is for constant dedication to gardening for longer hours. Your chances of being worn out are minimal. With this amazing tool, planting has just been made more enjoyable. You do not have to worry about the quality of the tool and its performance in planting seeds well because it is designed for perfection.


  • Suitable for planting a variety of seeds– This tool is can be used for a variety of seed planting
  • Innovatively designed- It is a semiautomatic planter
  • High-quality construction- It features a sleek contemporary design that makes work easier
  • No bending while working- You do not have to bend since it has the appropriate height
  • Sponge handle- The handles are made soft to protect your hands


  • First-time users need to be guided– It is not your ordinary planting tool

10. ProPlugger
5-IN-1 Lawn Tool and Garden Tool

ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Lawn Tool and Garden Tool

one of the most versatile sod pluggers in this list. You can use it to achieve
a variety of gardening and lawn activities at home. It features almost every
quality you would want in your sod plugger. And for sure, this tool will help
make your garden and lawn work easier. You can use it as a sod plugger, bulb
planter, weeder, soil test, and annual planter. With this tool, you will be
able to plant like a pro.

is easy to figure out too. Even if you have not used it before, you can
understand how it works with just a little guidance. For better results, you
should make sure that you do not use it on dry or saturated soil. Otherwise, if
you use it right, expect the most desirable result from this tool. It comes
with many other amazing qualities that are worth applauding it for.


  • 5-in-1 functionality- It can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks
  • Digs perfect planting holes- Depth Rings allows you to consistently be accurate
  • Needs little effort use- Energy is distributed between handle and footplate
  • Plants quickly- Its design makes it quicker and more precise especially for a gardener who does not want to waste time
  • Simple structure- You will have an easy time understanding how it works


  • So much of a cliché- there is nothing new about it

How to Buy The Best Sod Plugger

If you are planning to buy a new sod plugger, you need to choose the right one so that you do not have to regret it later. Since you are about to spend your hard-earned money on this equipment to help you out in your garden work, certain factors can guide your choice. Here are some of them.


Technically, you need a sod plugged to dig up plugs of lawn for transplanting. You can do this by taking a sod of lawn and planting it in another place. It is also used to dig up holes in lawns for planting healthy sods. A sod plugger can also be used in the place of a planting tool to dig holes for bulbs. But if you need a tool for extensive lawn use, go for something that works best for that particular application. A sod plugger that is more effective in areas that you are interested in will do a better job and complete the application faster.

Posture and Comfort when using the tool

You have to consider the size of the sod plugger against your height. In other words, your posture while using the tool will influence your comfort at work. You can use a sod plugger either in a kneeling or standing up position depending on the types of plugger it is.

If you have a large lawn that requires extensive use of a sod plugger, then you need to makes sure the tool you buy can be used in a standing up position. Smaller ones are used in a kneeling or bending position, which would be strenuous to the knees or back. However, such smaller models are often less expensive. They can help you if you are on a budget or if you do not have so much work for it.

Build and Durability

Mind the quality of the tool when shopping for a new one. It should be a durable tool, especially if you expect to use it in the long term. Make sure that it is sturdy and built to last. When analyzing the tool for ruggedness and durability look for corrosive-resistant metal parts. It is tough enough to withstand rough use? If the metal parts are made of stainless steel, consider that as a plus. That level of ruggedness and durability should extend to other parts too. In terms of economy, a durable tool is an economic investment too. You will not have to replace it now and then.

Depth, diameter shape

The size of the sod plugger is an important factor too. Those that are meant to be used for planting should be able to dig holes that are big enough for whatever is to be planted. Big enough in terms of depth and diameter. Do not just pick a tool blindly. You have to consider the shape of the holes it makes too. That way, the rightly chosen sod plugger improves the quality of your garden work.

Final Verdict

With this guide, you should be able to find the most appropriate sod plugger for the money. As you can see, there are lots of amazing models out there. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Do not choose in a hurry. Similarly, do not judge by how it looks in photos. This guide is well-coordinated and has been professionally written after thorough research. Make sure your money is well spent. You can find your next favorite gardening and lawn maintenance tool from this Best Sod Pluggers guide.

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