Best SACD Player – Reviews and Guide

If you want to get more information about the best SACD player or want to buy one. This guide and reviews will help you. It provides you with everything that you need to know and top products to consider on the market. In simple terms, an SACD player refers to a type of CD player that plays SACD disks.

SACD (Super Audio Compact Disk) differs from the normal DCs because it can keep more information as compared to the standard CDs. Therefore, they store music at a higher resolution and of course, the sound is better than that of a standard Cd. To play SACD, you need to have an SACD player.

Choosing the right one can be quite challenging because there are many options on the market today. You need to be well-informed so that you can end up with the right product. We have provided you with reviews of quality SACD players that will be a great investment. Go through them in details so that you can pick the most suitable one.

Recommended Best SACD Player Reviews

Many people end up making the wrong purchase because of a lack of information. It is important to be an informed buyer so that you can pick the right product. These amazing Best SACD Players will be worth your purchase. Compare them to help you choose the one with the features and benefits that you need.

OPPO BDP-103 Universal Disc Player

OPPO BDP-103 Universal Disc Player
  • Analog audio device
  • Provides quality images and sound
  • Can do more than playing Blu-ray movies
  • Features a built-in surround decoder
  • Dual-core processor for quick startups
  • Features 4k Up-conversion and 2D-3D conversion

This is a universal Blu-Ray disc player with DVD, SACD, Blu-Ray, CD, DVD-audio, MP4, VCD, HDCD, AVI, and MKV support. The player is equipped with an advanced processor that provides quality images. You can get 2D-3D conversion. It is versatile so you can do many more things apart from playing Blu-Ray movies.

You can do streaming from your favorite video service and you can also play your media from your computer using USB hard drive or directly. Unlike other players you will find on the market, this model has a quality main circuit board that features a dual-core processor. This provides a fast start time and you will also have less maintenance. In fact, this model is faster as compared to other competition on the market.

Apart from the quality images, you will also love the sound quality. Compared to the previous model, the BDP-105, this one has an analog section and it provides quality sound output. It features a built-in surround decoder and you can control the volume from the remote.


  • Has a quality design and durable construction
  • The player provides quality images
  • Provides quality sound output
  • It is fast and has a good connectivity


  • It comes at a high price
  • Doesn't have microphone calibration

SONY X800 - UHD - 2D/3D – SACD

SONY X800 - UHD - 2D/3D – SACD
  • Ability to stream video contents
  • Provides quality sound
  • Has Blu-ray Playback
  • Nice and sleek industrial design
  • 4K High Dynamic Range
  • Rigid structure eliminate micro-vibrations

The first thing that will impress you with the SONY X800 is the design. It has a sleek appearance with a glossy black mid-section that is between two stripped metal slabs in grey color. The rest of the unit has a solid feel you can be sure that it will last for many years while providing a great performance.

Unlike other players, this model has a rigid make that reduces micro-vibrations and electrical shielding. The player has a nice bud quality although it doesn’t have a front display. When it comes to connection and control, this player doesn’t have analog outputs. You will find twin HDMI outputs for video and audio. It also features a coaxial digital output, built-in WI-FI and an Ethernet port.

This is a universal player that allows you to play regular 2D, UHD BD discs, DVD, SACD, 3D Blu-rays, CD, and DVD-audio. Apart from playing disc format, this player can do much more. You can use it to stream video files through USB or using your home network. This also includes MPEG4, MPEG2, AVCHD, and MOV among others. It also features Bluetooth TX and LDA that transmit up to 3x the normal and it is compatible with Sony headphones. 


  • Features a nice construction
  • Designed with universal disc output
  • Offers quality sound
  • The player is quiet in use
  • Superior picture quality


  • It doesn't have analog outputs
  • The player doesn't have a display

Sony DVP-NC685V 5-Disc DVD/CD/SACD Player

Sony DVP-NC685V 5-Disc DVD/CD/SACD Player
  • Progressive-scan DVD and SACD player
  • Has a 5-disc carousel
  • Features TV Virtual Surround feature
  • Compatible with DTS decoding and Dolby Digital
  • Has a dimension of 17 x 3.8 x 16.2 inches (W x H x D)

The Sony DVP-NC685V is a great option to get especially if you like spinning several discs. This is a quality player that allows you to enjoy progressive scan video. It can play DVDs, CDs, and DACDs. Also, the player is compatible with CD-R, DVD+R/RW, and CD-RW discs. Its carrousel helps you play one disc while changing the other four.

This player is compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS decoding. It has a multi-brand remote control, MP3 audio compatibility and custom parental control feature. In most DVD players, you will find that they detect the image changes in the scan line level. When it comes to this Sony player, the images are detected at the pixel level, thanks to the Sony Precision Cinema progressive system.

It has a 2- channel CD playback, multi-channel super audio CDs and DVP-CX985V play 2 channels which all make playing audios fast. When you load an MP 3 disc and then press the menu button, a display appears with the folders and files in the disc. The player also comes with a remote that operates it and the keys glow in the dark.


  • The player provides quality sound
  • Images are also quality
  • Works well and it is easy to use
  • It can play different discs
  • Comes with a nice remote


  • Changing mechanism is noisy
  • Some people don't get the remote and connections included

LG 4K Region Free Smart WiFi UHD 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & DVD Player

LG 4K Region Free Smart WiFi UHD 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & DVD Player
  • Has a built-in WiFi and rear Ethernet port
  • Supports 4k streaming
  • Offers vibrant colors and smooth transitions
  • Professionally upgraded DVD system that is region free
  • Has a worldwide voltage of 110-240 volts

The LG 4K Region Free is another reliable and economical player that you can consider buying. This player is ideal for people who want to enjoy Ultra-HD 4k in your home theater. This player gives you the chance to enjoy more details and lively colors as well as a smooth transition. All these are made possible by the LG innovative technology combined with the Integrated HDR support.

Additionally, those who have 3D TV, this is 3D ray and it will work well. This region free player features upgraded and professional DVD support, NTSC conversion, and Blu-ray support. It also works well with 110-240 volts so you can use it worldwide. Therefore, you can enjoy playing Blu-ray discs and DVDs discs from any part of the world. You have the freedom to use this player with any TV and in any country to play any disc.

This is amazing because you don’t have to struggle with compatibility or converter problems. So, for travelers, this player is the most suitable for you. You will also enjoy built-in WI-FI and the included rear Ethernet port to offer a solid connection. Streaming your favorite media on Netflix and YouTube is easy. The unit also supports 4h streaming for TV viewing or watching movies. What more could you ask for?


  • Supports various audio and video formats
  • Provides quality images
  • Can use any disc and any tv
  • You can use it anywhere in the world


  • Goes back severally when watching movies

OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player with SACD

OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player with SACD
  • Supports DVD-Audio and SACD
  • Offers high visual quality
  • Can support different types of formats
  • It provides you with multiple connections
  • Features a backlit remote control and Universal power supply

OPPO is a well-known brand that provides customers with quality SACD players. This model is another top one that you can consider buying. It supports different formats like DVD, CD, DVD-audio, Blu-ray disc, and MKV among others. The player is also equipped with various connections like 7.1 analog audio, analog stereo, HDMI 1.3, composite video and optical digital audio just to mention a few.

When it comes to the design and looks, this player will match well with your home décor. It features a sleek black design and the front has brushed aluminum. On top of that, it has a space-saving design so there will be no clutter in your house.

One of the best aspects of this SACD player is that it offers quality picture quality. You can enjoy up to 1080 HD output. It also provides other outputs which include 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. For easy operation, the player comes with a backlit remote and you will also get a universal power supply. Therefore, you can operate the remote even in the dark. The universal power supply works well with AC power in different parts.


  • Nice design to match many home decors
  • Quality audio and video output
  • Works with power for different regions
  • Incredible customer service
  • Can play a wide range of formats
  • Quality construction


  • Doesn't stream videos
  • It is expensive

Sony DVP-CX985V 400 Disc Progressive DVD / SACD Player

Sony DVP-CX985V 400 Disc Progressive DVD / SACD Player
  • Features Precision Cinema Progressive
  • It features coaxial digital and optical outputs
  • 400-disc DVD/CD/SACD changer
  • Progressive scan component video output
  • Has DST and Dolby Digital outputs
  • Can play multi-channel SACDs

This is yet another quality SACD player from Sony. It works well with SACD, CD-R/RW, DVD-RW/-R, DVD-RW/+R as well as CD and Mp3 audio. This player utilizes precision Cinema progressive system from Sony that detects the images changes right at the pixel level.

If you are into DVDs and need an inexpensive model, the Sony DVP-CX985V can be a great selection. This player comes at an affordable price and it has many amazing features to make it easy to navigate. This model can store, organize and play your favorite music and movies. With the Sony Disc explorer, you can see a list of everything that you have loaded on the disc. It lists them alphabetically so it is easy for you to see on the Tv.

Another unique feature of this player is the Precision Cinema progressive design that offers the right processing power to achieve a fluid progressive scan video. For you to enjoy great details, you can use this player with a HD compatible TV. You will also love the instant replay feature that allows you to rewind 10 seconds to see the scene again with just a press of a button.


  • It provides a quiet operation
  • Provides a wide range of connectivity
  • Has a remote that glows in the dark
  • Incredible TV virtual surround
  • A wide range of video output options
  • Has an instant replay feature
  • Quality images and sound


  • Bulky than other models
  • Doesn't have internet lookup

Denon DVD-2910 Universal DVD/CD/SACD/DVD-Audio player

Denon DVD-2910 Universal DVD/CD/SACD/DVD-Audio player
  • Bass management option
  • Can display digital photo CDs
  • Incredible video processing and upconversion
  • Has HDMI and DVI input
  • It works with any HD TV

The Denon DVD-2910 is a quality player that will enhance your home theater system. The player features HDMI combined with DVI technology and gives you high-resolution audios. This player has advanced video processing with an upconversion that offers quality 1080, or 720p images. Its DVI output works well to send the images to different TVs with digital outputs.

With the HDMI output, it is easier for you to stream videos that are not converted. You will also get quality sound and images with any HD compatible TV with these outputs. If you are a multi-channel listener, you will appreciate the digital bass management to get the sound that you need in different systems.


  • Has a wireless remote control
  • Long power cord and instruction manual
  • It features a quality construction
  • Very responsive and loads faster


  • Doesn't play MP3
  • Complaints of poor customer support

Marantz SA10S1 SA-10 Super Audio CD Player

Marantz SA10S1 SA-10 Super Audio CD Player
  • Utilizes quality DSP technology
  • Made with massive copper-plated chassis
  • Latest and high level of resolution
  • Quality and balanced audio construction
  • Marantz Musical Mastering-Stream conversion processing

Enjoy high-quality music with the Marantz SA10S1 player. This digital disc player features a quality DSP technology that allows you to enjoy high-resolution audio files. It utilizes the Marantz mastering stream conversion processing to ensure that you get quality all the time.

This is the right player that gives you an incredible music listening experience. It is equipped with copper-plated chassis and unique HDAM discrete circuit topology that provides normal IC op-amp chips that you will find in other standard audio components. This player allows you to listen to the latest and unconverted high-resolution audio formats.

Also, it has USB-A and USB-B ports to help you connect with different types of devices. The player also has XLR balanced audio connectors and unbalanced connections hence making it compatible with pre-amplifier or amplifier.


  • Can be connected to a wide range of devices
  • The player utilizes the latest technology
  • It performs well
  • Designed to last for many years


  • Great player but very expensive

Denon DCD-1600NE Single Disc Super Audio CD Player

Denon DCD-1600NE Single Disc Super Audio CD Player
  • Great SAXD/CD audio player
  • Mechanical ground construction
  • Has an innovative circuitry structure
  • Pure Direct mode to enjoy high fidelity video
  • Has a high precision suppress vibration hybrid loader

If you would like to upgrade your old player or simply want to buy a great player that will help you listen to Hi-Res audio, get the Denon DCD-1600NE. the unit features an innovative circuitry structure to produce the recording accurately just like the original sound. It can play Super Audio CD, CD and DSD files while giving a high resolution.

The player is equipped with a disc drive design that has a high precision suppress vibration hybrid loader that reduces too much noise. You will not experience vibrations and you can always listen to quality sound accurately like the original. 


  • It can play different types of formats
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Provides quality audio output
  • Made with a durable construction


  • Complaints of a damaged product

Marantz SA-KI Ruby CD/SACD player

Marantz SA-KI Ruby CD/SACD player
  • In-house SACD/CD mechanism
  • Asynchronous USB input
  • Uses toroidal transformer power supply
  • New analog output stage
  • SACD-M3 transport mechanism

This is another player that will be a great addition to your home threaten system. This player provides excellent sound quality when playing your favorite music from SACD, CDs, CD-Roms, and DVD-ROMs. The player has a premium build so you can expect it to last for many years. It also has a clean design and it can hold more power with a toroidal transformer.

The SA-KI also has a USB input that can handle different formats. It also gives you the chance to come up with your own high-resolution audio compilation disc with a computer DVD burner. This model can support FLAC files ranging from 44.1 kHz-192kHz and up to 24-bit resolution.


  • Provides quality audio sound
  • It can support different formats
  • Nice design and durable construction
  • Has two system clocks that handle all incoming signals with accuracy
  • Comes from a company with over 35 years of experience


  • No negative reviews

Things to Consider While Buying Best SACD Player

When it comes to picking the right SACD players, there are many variations on the market today. Knowing which model is suitable for you can be pretty confusing. I have prepared a simple buying guide with effective tips to consider when buying a quality SACD player. Take note of these tips and you will end up making the right purchase.


The last thing you want is to spend your money on a SACD player and then come to release it is not compatible with many file formats. Make sure you check the compatibility before you buy a particular model so that you can get the right one. Modern devices should be compatible with a wide range of file formats like VCD, CD, DVD, DVD-audio among others.


We all want to spend our money on a quality product, don’t you? So, when buying a SACD player, it is wise to consider quality. You can get a wide range of players but most SACD players have 4k and Blu-Ray quality.


You should also consider the reliability before you buy a SACD player. Reliable brands on the market will offer quality players that work well. After all, you don’t want to spend your money on an unreliable product that will not serve you well. You should also know that reliability highly depends on the price and the brand.

Number of Inputs and Outputs

How many inputs does the SACD player have? A good player should be equipped with multiple outputs and inputs. You can get some quality models on the market that allow connectivity options for USB, IR, HDMI, and Wireless N among others.

Digital to Analog Conversion

This is another important thing that you should consider when buying an SACD player. The digital to analog conversion feature plays a huge role in determining how clean the sound will be. In most cases, you will find that many expensive models feature classy digital to analog conversion.

Price and Warranty

The price is another major consideration that you need to have in mind. How much money do you want to spend on an SACD player? Frankly, a better price will give you something that will work best. If you need a quality SACD player for professional use, I would recommend players from OPPO. Unlike others on the market, they come at a higher price but they are equipped with the best audio quality and other amazing lifetime features. Additionally, Sony also offers amazing models that of maximum audio quality.

When it comes to the warranty, it is important to consider a player that carries a warranty of up to two years or more. You can also get some brands that offer 90 days replacement warranty which is also fine. The whole aim of a warranty is to secure your purchase and it also assures you that you are getting a premium quality product. 

Final Words

Now, after going through the reviews and guide, it will be easier for you to decide which SACD player is right for you. We have provides you with details reviews of the best SACD player on the market that are suitable for your home theater. The above models that we have covered have great features and they are from top brands on the market.

Not only do they provide you with quality image and audio output but they also come at affordable prices. Depending on the model that you choose, you will enjoy listening to your favorite music among other benefits. And if you are purchasing for the first time, we have also given you some tips that will help you pick a quality SACD player.

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