Best Pre Emergent Herbicide – Reviews and Guide

Dealing with weed on your lawn can be a frustrating experience. If your lawn is prone to different types of weeds, you can prevent them from growing if you have the best pre emergent herbicides. These are chemical formulations that you need to apply in areas with the weed and you need to use them before the weed grows. They work well in creating a barrier in top soil so the weed will remain below the soil.

The best time to apply pre emergent herbicides is during fall and early spring. These cool temperatures promote the germination of weed. Using pre-emergent herbicides at that time means that you will deal with less weed during warm weathers and this also gives your lawn a nice look.

So, how do you pick the right pre-emergent herbicide? What factors should you think about to help you get the right product? We have provided you with extensive reviews and guides to help you choose wisely. Read on for more details.

What Are the Benefits of Pre Emergent Herbicides?

There are so many benefits that you will get from using pre-emergent herbicides to control the weed. One of the main benefits is that they help you deal with stubborn weeds without using harsh chemicals. If you apply these formulas during fall-spring, the weed will not germinate. These weed controllers also eliminate weed without killing the grass

Recommended Best Pre-Emergent Herbicide

We did our research well and came up with top 10 quality herbicides that work well on weed without damaging your plants. Check their best-selling aspects so that you can choose the right one depending on the specific type of weed that you are dealing with. Also, each treatment using these herbicides reduce the infestation of weed. Eventually, you will not have to worry about dealing with weeds in your garden or lawn.

Snapshot 2.5 TG Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Snapshot 2.5 TG is a multi-purpose weed killer that can handle over 100 different types of weeds. It kills more weed as compared to other pre emergent weeds on the market today. The weed killer is ideal for use in Christmas tree plantations, ground covers, landscape ornaments, and nut trees among others.

You need to apply from 2.3- 4.6 lbs per 1000 sq ft, however, this will vary on the type of weed that you want to control. To get the best results, apply this product before rainfall or before you irrigate your plants.



Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG

This is another quality pre emergent herbicide that is versatile. You can apply it during spring and fall to get rid of weed in your lawn or garden. It works best to deal with hard to kill grass weeds like annual bluegrass, spurge, and crabgrass.

The granulated pre-emergent herbicide needs to be mixed with water to come up with a liquid solution. It works perfectly to stunt the growth of the weed seeds before they start germination. The herbicide also works well with sprouted weed. You can use to clear weeds on jobsite, railroads, utility structures and much more.

When it comes to application, you need to use a backpack pump sprayer and if you want to spray a large place, a professional skid sprayer comes in handy. This product is safe to use around kids and pets if you follow the label instructions provided.



No one likes weeds be it in your lawn or garden. Not only do they make your look bad but they can be hard to manage. One of the strongest pre emergent weed controllers that I would recommend is The Andersons Pro Turf Barricade Granular. This is a cost-effective weed killer that works well.

This herbicide can prevent more than 30 types of grass and broadleaf weeds. You can use it on lawns, ornament beds, and landscapes among others. It prevents the growth of various types of weeds like foxtail, henbit, crabgrass, chickweed, oxalis and spurge among many others.

The active ingredient in this product is prodiamine and one bag can cover up to 7000 square feet based on where you are using it. It is also safe to use for pets and kids of you keep them away from the area you have applied. When you are applying, you should also wear personal protective equipment like socks, pants, shoes and long sleeves among others.



If you need an all-season weed preventer, Scotts Halts works best. This is an effective product that works well to stop the sprouting of crabgrass and other common weeds that grow all year long. The good thing about the herbicide is that it is not affected by the snow, rain or freezing weather. It will still work well to prevent the growth of weed regardless of the condition.

The best time to apply it is during early spring or fall and it will prevent weed seeds from germinating. Unlike other pre emergent herbicides, you don’t require several applications. One application is enough to prevent the growth of crabgrass throughout the season.



Surflan AS Specialty Herbicide

Give your lawn a beautiful look with the Surflan AS Specialty Herbicide. It works well with different types of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds that invade your lawn. This water-based seed killer that is highly effective and delivers good results. It is a great option for golf courses, nurseries, ornamental planting, commercial and residential places.

This quality herbicide controls the weed before they sprout and you need to apply it directly to the cultivated soil. Note that it will not work on already established weeds. Also, at the time of application, make sure that the soil is in good tilth without clods.

Applying this herbicide is easy. You need to apply it as directed and spray on the surface of the soil using a low-pressure sprayer for uniform results. Always use the right water volume so that you can get uniform coverage and the right results. Don’t skip the spray patterns or overlap because this can lead to over-application or incomplete coverage.



Southern Ag - 12401 - Surflan A.S. - Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Removing weed from your lawn can be a time-consuming and tiring work. Today, you don’t have to do the hard work because pre emergent herbicides are designed to make your work easier. The Southern Ag – 12401 is a recommended model that r well to control the weed seeds so they will not germinate.

This weed controller works well with different types of weed and you can use it for ornaments and turf. When you apply this herbicide, it can last for up to four months. You need to use 1.5 oz per 1000 square feet. The product contains 40 % oryzalin and you can choose to water in right away or wait for up to 21 days.

You can use it on non-bearing trees, non-cropland, landscape ornaments, and vines among others.



Preen 2464083 Garden Weed Preventer

It can be hard to maintain your garden or lawn without struggling with weed. While there are different types of ways in which you can fight the weed, not all seem to provide satisfactory results. Pre emergent herbicides are proven to prevent the germination of weed. One of the top products on the market that works well is Preen 2464083.

This weed controller id made to prevent the germination of weed in your flower or vegetable garden among other places. You can apply this product on trees, shrubs or ground covers. It doesn’t not kill already grown weed but prevents the weed seeds from germinating. Therefore, you will not have to deal with more weed in the future.

The weed controller is easy to use. You can incorporate it in the soil when you are seeding your vegetables or mulching the seedbeds. Applying it at the early stages is important because it will prevent different kinds of weeds from growing. It can cover up to 5000 sq ft and it stays from 9-12 weeks.



Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

Weeds not only affect the look of your lawn or garden but also complete with the nutrient in the soil hence leading to weaker plants. If you want to enjoy larger and stronger grow, investing in the right weed killer like the Green Gobbler is essential. This product does wonders when it comes to eliminating stubborn weed in your garden or yard.

It contains 20 percent vinegar and this makes it one of the faster weed controllers. It will work well on different types of broadleaf weeds like crabgrass, musk thistle, white clover, and oxalis just to mention a few. Using the weed controller is easy. You only need to spray it on the targeted weed with a trigger sprayer and you will not have to worry about weeds anymore.

You can use this product along the fences, pavers and near foundations to get rid of the weed. Unlike other weed killers, this model doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can be harmful to your health. This makes it safe to use and tough on weeds. So, you will enjoy a beautiful lawn and healthy plants.



Roundup Ready-To-Use Weed & Grass Killer

Roundup Ready-To-Use Weed & Grass Killer

You don’t have to use dangerous chemicals to get rid of the annoying weed. Get the Roundup weed and grass killer that comes with a convenient pump. You can use it to get rid of weed in your flower bed, vegetable garden, mulched beds, and tree rings among other places. This is an effective product that works well and you can begin to see the results after 3 hours of application.

When it comes to dealing with problems, you need to deal with it at the root cause so it will not be a bother anymore. This is exactly what this weed killer does. It kills the roots of the weeds so they will not grow again. The formula is absorbed through the leaves and it goes all the way to roots hence killing the weeds. This is an effective way if you want to eliminate stubborn weed on your driveway, patio and mulched beds.

Using this pump is easy. You only need to connect and extend the pump and you can now begin spraying. It features an extendable wand that offers up to 10 minutes of continuous spraying to handle all the weeds effectively. In addition, the pump is easy to refill and you don’t need mixing or measuring.




This is another functional weed controller that is ideal for broadleaf weeds and grass. To get the best performance from this product, you need to apply it before seed germination or after removing the existing weed so that you can get better control on the weed.

This weed controller can be used on filed grown ornaments, lawns, turf glass, seedling nurseries, conifer nurseries and railways among other places. You can apply it using a broadcast spreader at a rate of approximately 10 pounds for every 5000 square feet.



Things to Consider When Buying Pre Emergent Herbicide - Buying Guide

Pre emergent herbicides get rid of weed even before you see them. Before you buy the right one, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration so that you can get the right product.  The following are the things that you should remember.

Type of weed

What type of weed is invading your lawn? Before you buy the right pre emergent herbicide, you need to identify the type of weed. Is it cheat grass or crabgrass among other types of weeds? Each type of weed has a different life cycle. Some weeds can also regrow in many seasons and others have thick roots that can keep nutrients during winter. You will also find that some weeds cannot be affected by certain types of herbicides. Identify the type of weed and this will help you get the right pre emergent herbicide.


You should also consider the time of the year you want to apply the pre emergent herbicides. The best time to do that is during fall and spring. This is a good time because the temperatures range from 65-70 degrees F. you can apply for the second time after about eight weeks depending on the formulation that you are using.

On top of that, it is important to note that herbicide doesn’t affect germinated seeds with immature roots. Also, the un-germinated seeds can stay unharmed and germinate later when the strength of the herbicide is no more. Therefore, you should apply regularly.

Planting Time

Pre emergent herbicides can affect your plants if you apply it or plant seeds the wrong time. It is great to allow the weeds to establish roots in about six weeks before you apply the herbicide. When it comes to planting, wait for around three months before you plant the seeds so that you don’t end up damaging your plants. 

Final Verdict

I hope after checking the above reviews and guide, you have the upper hand of picking the best pre emergent herbicides that meets your needs. You can compare the above 10 products and I hope you will get the right one that suits your needs. However, you need to do your research well and figure out the type of weed that you are dealing with. By doing that, it will help you understand their life cycle.

Moreover, you need to use the pre emergent herbicides on weeds that have not emerged and follow the instructions that the manufacturer has provided. I hope you will get a suitable product from the top 10 above that will prevent weeds from germinating.

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