Best Powder Measure – Reviews and Buyer,s Guide

Weighing and dispensing powder each time you reload can be tiring and time wasting. A powder measure helps to make this work easier as well as making exact powder measurement. All the reloading powder measures do the same task.

However there are some brands that are better than the others in terms of quality, features and accurateness. In spite of having a turret press, progressive press or a single stage press you are required to some speedy, safe and exact way to weigh accurate amount of powder to use.

 In this review, you will get three of the best powder measurein a detailed way. This will help you to make a decision on the type you would prefer in case you are looking forward to have one.

Best Powder Measures Reviews

Now that you know some important things to consider when buying the right powder measure, let’s go directly to reviews of our best picks.

1. LEE PRECISION 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer

If you are in the market for an affordable powder measure, then you need not look further than LEE PRECISION 90058 Perfect Powder Measure. Lee is known to produce high-quality but affordable reloading equipment. In fact, the price of this measurer is about a fifth of the cost of other measuring equipment.

 The powder hopper may look weak because it is made of plastic, but in the real sense, powder measure is very durable and has high-precision. The plastic can only be an issue where there’s static electricity, especially in dry climatic conditions.

This measure has some very exceptional features. One such feature is that it’s easy to calibrate. Besides, you can use it with the included universal charging die or bench mount. It is simple to use, easy to adjust and feeds smoothly.



2. Hornady 050069 Lock-N-Load Powder Measure

Hornady 050069 Lock-N-Load is among the best powder measures in the market today. That explains why its price is on the higher side. So if you are out to get what serves you the way you prefer, this would be your measure of choice. The Hornady has some oil around it to prevent rusting while it’s on transit. That’s why once you buy it, you have to clean and degrease every part of it before use.

If you don’t clean some parts thoroughly, you may experience high margins of error because some powder may get stuck on the oil. It has been commended by many users because of its impressive accuracy. It’s plate mounts easily on the bench and has two openings where you can mount your powder measure. When you pair it with the appropriate rotor and insert, it can measure from .5 to 265 grains.



3. RCBS Competition Powder Measure-Pistol

The RCBS Competition Powder Measure is almost similar in looks to the LEE PRECISION Powder Measurer. The only remarkable difference is that its hopper is more translucent. It features two t adjust screws that differ, and you can buy them separately. They are small and large adjustment screws (micrometer), but are fundamentally similar cylinder but with holes of different sizes for metering.

This is another fair-priced powder measure for those who don’t want to break the wallet. It is also durable, meaning you can use it for many years, but it will still retain its accuracy consistently. If you are a professional reloader, this can be your one-time investment.

This product is recommended if you want accurate measurements. It measures by volume and can manage changes that vary by plus/minus a tenth of a grain.  It is a solid and well-built measure with some cool features like numbers measuring screw. 



4. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure

Frankford Arsenal Platinum is a feature-packed powder measure that comes at a pocket-friendly price. It measures from .8 to 120 grains of powder. It has two benchtop mounts: a side mount and a high clearance mount. This is the feature that makes it popular with users. Frankford Arsenal also provides a quick way to disconnect so you can easily dump out any unused powder.

This reloading scale can be used to measure in different units, ounces, karats, grams, etc. Meaning it provides you with great flexibility. It is also lightweight, therefore, easy to carry around. Another great feature of this scale in that it can use both DC and AC power supply.

There are many other extras you can buy separately for different measures, but Frankford Arsenal has them all. For example, it comes with baffles that ensure you get a consistent charge. It works perfectly even with small powders and throws very accurate charges. You can never find another measure that comes with all the features that this measure has, especially at its price range. So if you are in the market for an affordable but feature-packed measure, go for Frankford Arsenal. 



5. Hornady 050068 Lock-N-Load Auto Charge

Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge measure is known for its efficiency and speed, which will help you to save both money and time. It is exceptionally precise and can measure as little as .1 grains. This means it is one of the most effective and accurate powder measures you can get in the market today. In addition to that, this unit is easy to use and quick to set up.

That’s why you can use it even if you are new to reloading. What makes it even more attractive is that it features a backlit display, which is also large enough to make reading easier. The keypad is also large enough and is very easy to operate. Generally, this unit works well even with people with little or no experience in measuring powders.

Other features that make Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge stand out include its trickle function, manual and automatic dispense options, overcharge protection, 3-speed settings, and the fact that it is easy to clean. Note that when you want to switch between powders, you have to ensure the trickle tube, drain tube, and hopper are all empty.

This is because when they are not empty, different speeds of powders will mix, and this will result in high pressure during reloads. As a result, the measure may not serve you as long as you would expect because it can lose its precision. 




RCBS Uniflow powder measure offers accurate and consistent charges while reloading. It discharges powder uniformly from the measuring container into the brass box. This eliminates the issues of surplus that results from clogging by the dumped charges.  This tool simply revolutionize from charge to charge with no need of emptying the powder hopper.

The cylinder has leveled ground surfaces and slip into the sharpened casting for an accurate fit. It has a charging capacity of 50 grains and you can be able to achieve charges of plus or minus1/10th of a grain resulting to a numeral measuring screw. The screw when setting various sized charges, as a reference. It has a standard size of 7/8 inches to 14 threads.It makes the best bullet pullers and presses.




Lyman powder measure is excellent in dropping charges for both large rifle and small pistol cases accurately. The device contains a CNC cylinder machine made of steel that is made of adjustable thimble containing reference line. No need to set the measure now and then. There is also a reservoir furnished with a powder baffle to maintain consistency of powder level when measuring.

There are two drop tubes that cover all the calibers. It has two metering tubes to have room for the extensive choice of cases. Machine measures 7/8 inches by 14 threads. It fits all the power stands and presses. Powder drop capacity is from 1 to 130 grains. The hopper contains three modifiable slides for depth and width, guaranteeing   correct load throughout the hopper process. It also aid in loading different ranges of powder more reliably.

It features an attached knocker helping you to have full charge each time you reload. The tool is very rigid and this offer a longer serving period




The press contains six turret heads that gives space for several combinations in the accumulating sequence of dies. It can be operated in a single stage or progressive mode. In progressive mode, production can be raised from 50 to 200 times per hour. It has a standard length of 7/8 inches by 14 threads. The turret head is detained in place by use of one bolt making it easy to change. Regular shell holders slide into press ram and are seized by a clip spring.

 RCBS highly recommends the Uniflow powder measure designed with case activated linkage kit to be used on the turret press. The RCBS turret press provides an easy operation; there are no automated or complex processes. It contains a cast iron frame, turret head and toggle block. The heavy duty press reduces springing leading to a positive alignment.

The Uniflow powder measures charges accurately with ease. Powder dispenses uniformly from the measuring tube into the case. This prevents any overloads that are formed once the charges get dump. The units adjust without difficulty and without draining the powder hopper.



How To Buy The Best Powder Measure

Before you buy a powder measure, take note of these essential tips. They will help you end up with the right product that meets your requirements.


Safety is the first thing to consider when looking for a powder measure. The reloading process is a dangerous thing to do since you get to use unstable and powerful explosives. You therefore need to follow the safety measures of the tool you use to prevent accidents and to make efficient measurements of the powder.


The main significant aspect of a powder measure is the accurateness of the product in terms of measurement and dispensing the powder. Some powder measurers are designed with special features that increase correctness and evenness. A metal hopper, for example, is preferred by people living in arid areas where static electricity may possibly source problems. The recently produced tools contain a baffle structure in the hopper that ensure that quantity of the powder does not harm the charge.

Powder support

What kind of powder do you work with? Most manual and mechanical powder measures support pistol and rifle. However not all the devices are able to support the black powder hence you will be required to check on the compatibility.

Speed control

Reloading speed is a vital factor to search for in a powder measure because you buy it in order to make your work faster. Different brands offer devices with varying powder measuring speed. You have to invest on the best tool if you need a high speed powder measurer. Check keenly that the device you buy is calibrated for speedy measurements.


Powder measures are made of different materials. Some are made of plastic while others are made of heavy duty materials. Choose your device according to the intensity of your powder. More intensive powders require measures with tough materials and vice versa.

Dispense Adjustment

High quality designed measures helps you to regulate the supply of grains. Some devices are inconsistent leading to poor performance of your work since they tend to be accurate with large charges and drop the accuracy with small ones.

Ease of use

Powder measures use different methods in measuring some being easier than others. For beginners, it is advisable that you should purpose to look for a middle level powder measure as it will be simpler to use. Performance of the powder measure should not be comprised by ease of use so you have to ensure that the device is easy enough to offer excellent results.


A good powder measure for a business must be of good charge capacity to offer best possible results. You should consider having powder measure with charge of up to a hundred grains and above. If you want to be more productive go for a higher charge. On the other hand, you need to reflect on your exact requirements. In case you do less reloading, you will therefore require a fundamental powder measure.


Price is a significant thing to consider. The costly products tend to offer best work so you should be ready to invest in the correct tool.


Every single tool buyer goes for a tool with the highest warranty time. Different companies make tools with different lifetime warranty of up to one year. Look for a device with the high warranty time as this will increase the security of the tool.

Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner in the reloading industry or you have been weighing your powder manually, try having a powder measure to ease your work. You should always counter check the powder measurements for the load’s safety. Look for a device that contains all the features that you require. Also ensure you take note on the safety precautions provided in the manual. I can recommend you to get a copy of overall recommended reloading booklets to protect yourself from the dangers of the powders.

Different powder measures contain different features and are of different prices. Don’t just go for the cheapest brand without considering its workability. It is better to invest on an expensive tool that offers excellent services simply and fast.

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