Best Low Voltage Transformer 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guides

Ok, so just focus, imagine living in a home with a bright well-lit yard? You can enjoy the wonderful view outside your home even when the darkness prevails. Isn’t that an amazing thought? It definitely is and if the best low voltage transformer is available for outdoor landscape lighting, then you are all set for enjoying the mesmerizing view outside your house at night.

When the low-voltage transformer is available then you can set up your lights in your yard so you can keep up the control offer even around evening time. However, the outdoor lighting doesn’t just better the control claim but it likewise improves security and is the best décor for your yard.

Truly, who would even consider sneaking in or breaking into a home that is sufficiently bright? Nobody would dare to.

Similarly, it can be used for many other machines as well. Wall sockets carry an electric potential difference of 120V in the US. Huge machines, similar to coolers and washers, require standard line voltages and are plugged straightforwardly to electrical plugs. But there are some devices which run on lower voltages than the standard line voltage. They should be connected to a low voltage transformer to make them work securely.

Now the question that will pop in your mind is, what is the low voltage transformer and why to use it?

Standard home line voltage (usually 120 volts) is converted to a lower voltage (12 or 24 volts) by Low voltage transformers, ensuring that the machines connected work securely. Usually, they are installed on the walls, but ground transformers are also available. There are many low voltage transformers that are enclosed in a rock case.

In case you’re thinking of introducing dimmable bulbs to your decor illuminating your garden, ensure that your transformer meets the power requirements well.

Now you must be thinking, how would you pick the most efficient low voltage transformer that will work for your setup? Here we show the top rated low voltage transformers, you may choose one of them or just read our guide to get the answer to your question.

So, I think we should kick off, shall we?

Recommended 10 Best Low Voltage Transformers

1.Best Pro Lighting 300W Low Voltage Landscape Light Transformer

Anybody may want a heavy-duty low voltage transformer that matches with their lights of high wattage. Here’s the ideal pick for you. 

It is one of the most remarkable low voltage transformer among all the others we have chosen. Indeed, it is a rock-solid voltage converter that is made to last. 

The unit can take in 120V and convert it to 12V. What makes it more amazing is that it cannot only convert to 12V, but you can easily convert it to 13V, 14V, and 15V as per your need. More bulbs and lights can be connected to this transformer as it has an extreme wattage of 300W.

The transformer is made of stainless steel that will beat the outside condition while opposing rust and erosion. Since it is made of metal, it is heavier than different units on our list. This one weighs around 16 pounds.

Does it have light sensors? The answer is YES, it does. There is an inbuilt photocell that switches the light on and off according to dawn and dusk. Furthermore, you likewise get a Timer. The timer can be adjusted between one to nine hours. You can manually set the transformer to work for the time as per your need. This timer will prove to be useful if you need to introduce the voltage converter inside or in a dark place.

You can alter the hours with the two buttons installed. Also, there is a little digital display to show you the number of hours you have chosen. As it is made of metal, it shouldn’t be utilized with submersible light systems.



2. Lightkiwi W9715 300 Watt (12V-13V-14V-15V) Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer

Exactly when Best Pro Lighting 300W low voltage transformer bragged about being the main hard-core stainless-steel unit on the list, this transformer from Lightkiwi comes in line to challenge it. 

This Lightkiwi low voltage transformer has likewise been made to last and beat the open-air condition. 

It is made tough stainless steel that resists rust and erosion. What makes this one different from others is its layout. It has a cabinet-style design that is very protective as it encloses different parts. To secure the cover properly it has a locking latch.

120V is converted to various outputs. The multi-taps allow you to choose from 12V, 13V, 14V, and 15V outputs. These first two units run quietly as compared to others on the list. This one likewise accompanies a 300W wattage.

This weighs 17.5 pounds which is even heavier than the first one. It’s quite heavy but at the same time very tough.

This transformer has amazing features. For example, it has a Timer Port that lets you include a Wi-Fi Smart Plug or a Digital/Manual Timer. Additionally, there is a photocell port that enables you to include a light sensor. The top feature is that it has a Magnetic Circuit Breaker which is a serious deal on this unit. It will protect the electric circuit from short circuits. This feature is not found in most of the low voltage transformers.

Shockingly, this must only be installed in the open air. In addition, you can’t utilize it for the submerged light system.



3. GOODSMANN 120-Watt Power Pack Low Voltage Landscape Lighting and Spotlight Transformer

GOODSMANN transformers are installed easily due to which it can be referred to as the DIY projects. A digital reading, automatic timer, and clock controls facilitating easy light automation are included in these low voltage transformers.


The 120-watt transformer is made of tough material. Due to its strong layout, it can be installed outside without worrying about the weather changes. The power pack’s ability should not be exceeded by more than 75% by the total power of the lamp.

This voltage transformer has an input rating of 120V and an output rating of 12V. Most light fixtures can be handled by it as its maximum load is 120 W. This is the reason why it’s called the heavy-duty transformer.


There is no need to take stress over the harsh weather conditions since this unit has a cover that closes to secure the sensitive parts. The case is coated well to avoid corrosion and rust.


GOODSMANN transformers have light sensors that sense light, transformers start consequently at sunset. You can also set the time with the goal that your landscape lights naturally turn on in the evening and consequently close off in the morning.


You pick the Hours or Mode easily with the help of a digital display. In addition, a red button is provided so that you can reset it if something wrong happens.


You can utilize it for your outdoor lighting system. However, it isn’t appropriate for submerged light systems like pool lights. As it is made of metal, so if you use it with the submerged lights

it can cause electric shock.


Installation is very easy, simply mount outside and can be set on the wall.


The combination of GOODSMANN Transformer with GOODSMANN Lights will make your home’s garden mesmerizing and beautiful to look at.



4. Malibu LED 200-Watt Low Voltage Transformer Power Pack with Digital Timer

Malibu LED 200 Watt includes a digital display that is quite bright, a dial that is simple to use, and a helpful code reference outline. Either onset time it can turn on/off your lights or it can turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn because of the photocell included. 

It was specially made to fulfill the lighting needs of your home flawlessly.This transformer can easily covert voltage of 120V to 12V. It accompanies an output power of 200 watt which is sufficient to light your home’s yard. 

This transformer is a product of a very high-quality material that is very durable. As produced using plastic material, this prevents it from rust and erosion. Regarding size, when put next to many of the transformers available, it is quite big in size. You have to install it properly for its effective working.

It is very easy to install. A large space is not needed for its installation. It can be mounted on the specific area of the wall or at the side of a mailbox.

To shield it from the unfavorable weather conditions, it has a cover which doesn’t let raindrops to get into it.



5.Paradise by Sterno Home GL33300 12V 300W Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer

Paradise Garden Lighting’s low-voltage transformer GL33300 (dark) by Sterno home includes another innovation for outdoor landscape lighting called the astronomical timer. 

The lights will turn on at sunset and off at dawn either utilizing the auto feature or by utilizing the astronomical timer, which uses sun-tracking technology to determine dawn and dusk times. 

You can decorate your home’s yard beautifully with a lot of lights as this transformer lets you install multiple lights due to 300W power. It can reach your home’s back and front without any voltage drops due to its power output.

It is made of top-notch material, this kind of transformer, with its tough material, has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is without a doubt the most user friendly low voltage transformer.

The input voltage is 120V, and the output voltage is 12V.

Now if we talk about the design, well it is quite eye-catchy which makes it add additional style to your home, especially when you have it fitted or installed outside of the house.

This transformer is at the top among most transformers available in terms of modern features.

It is quite famous in a sun tracking system, what this system does is that it distinguishes where the sun is situated as per your geographical area. This transformer can also control on and off automatically at dawn and dusk.

This low voltage provides you with a few power choices. You can either turn it on and off manually or you can likewise utilize the time, the auto power feature, and the sun tracking system.

It is very simple to operate and you can check any changes made and furthermore read the current settings from its LCD screen. The screen is easy to use.



6. DEWENWILS 60W Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer with Timer and Photocell Light Sensor

DEWENWILS provides you with top-notch products. DEWENWILS 60W Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer with Timer and Photocell Light Sensor is an amazing low voltage transformer with many amazing features.


A light sensor is connected with this transformer because of which the landscape lighting will turn on in the evening and off in the morning. 

Furthermore, it has a power output of 60W and is able to convert 120V AC household voltage to 12V DC safety voltage, giving a more secure and increasingly practical electrical flow level.

It has a timer which is very helpful. On pressing the select button it set 2/4/6/8-hour time effectively, so it will turn on at sunset and automatically turn off 2/4/6/after 8 hours. The best part is its memory function due to which the transformer stays on the clock mode you chose early even if the power blackouts.

It is very easy to install. It can be mounted on the outside walls. Another best thing about it is that it’s weatherproof, it can shield transformer from dust, rust, corrosion, rain and other weather conditions.

Likewise, it provides protection from the short circuit due to the automatic circuit breaker in it. As it is small in size, so it’s easy to hide and in this way, the look of your garden will not be affected.

This can be just be utilized with LED landscape lighting, don’t connect it with glowing or tungsten lights.

It’s totally quiet and does everything required. It holds its setting when power is lost.



7. NSiTORK TPX300 Low-Voltage 300-Watt Safety Transformer for Indoor/Outdoor Pool/Spa

The TORK TPX300 transformer is one of the approved low-voltage transformers for both indoor and outside applications. Utilizing 12 VAC, 13 VAC or 14 VAC, it’s designed for a simultaneous power run. 

This item is perfect for a pool, spa, and submersible lighting systems, just as for use with landscape lighting.  Power will be disconnected from the transformer in case of any defect or overload by the circuit protection provided. 

The item additionally includes a ground shield between the primary and secondary windings and an automatic overload reset protector. For easy installation, mounting brackets are located on the top and bottom. High and low voltage wiring compartments and multiple ½-inch and ¾-inch knockouts are also available. TORK has been a pioneer in the electrical industry since 1922.

It is a strong heavy transformer that is sufficiently well-made. It’s intended for the safe activity of 12-volt lighting loads to the submerged pool and spa lighting, garden lights, other decorative and fountain lighting.

It is made up of tough stainless steel and can be used with incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs/sources. It is the best 300 watt low voltage transformer for both open-air and indoor systems. It is approved by UL and CSA.

The directions provided are easy to understand and overall performance is good.



8. Tento Outdoor Lighting Transformer Low Voltage Landscape UL Listed

Tento outdoor lighting transformer for low voltage landscape lighting can be utilized to connect Multi-Lights, for example, 12v led strips, 12v spotlights that are powered by 12-volt voltage. 

This open-air waterproof transformer is with Photo Cell and Timer because of which it automatically turns on around evening time and turns off during the day time. 

It can also be utilized in various garden decor lightings and pond lights for which a transformer is required. It can be mounted both inside and out, it has a quick-connect cable. The photocell and timer quickly activate as it starts to get dark. Along with the photocell, the timer can be set for four, six or eight hours.

It is a UL-listed premium quality scene lighting best rated low voltage transformer. Its timer is for all year and every weather change, for example, rain and snow, etc.

Basically, an upgraded version with better materials of the shell to protect from harsh weather conditions for a longer period of time.

Extremely simple in installation and working.



9. GreenLighting 35-Watt Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer

At the point when you want to upgrade your outdoor lighting system, you need to ensure that all your lighting fixtures are getting the power they require. This 35-watt transformer is perfect to attach to any of your outdoor LED Low Voltage light sets. 

Regardless of whether you are getting rid of the old transformer or making that new system, you will have your reliable power access. 

This low voltage transformer has a waterproof body that protects it from unfavorable weather conditions, rust and erosion. A light-sensitive photocell along the edge ensures your lights turn on once it gets dark outside.


With the power cable, simple-to-understand directions, and mounting equipment, you’ll have all the things you need to install your device at once.


It has a dawn-to-dusk operation. The best part is less expensive than other transformers.


It is small in size but convenient. Used in conjunction with a timer to lit lights of different areas. Easy to install and comes with everything you need to get it functional.



10. John Timberland 150W Landscape Transformer with Photocell

For those with a small home and need an incredible low voltage transformer, here is a perfect pick for you. You can easily set it up without worrying as it is small in size. This low voltage transformer is reasonable for both indoor and open-air use. 

It has an Input of 120-Volts, reduced to 12-volts with an output of maximum 150-watt. It additionally gives automatic resetting thermal breakers in essential windings. 

Interestingly, it can withstand very unfavorable weather conditions and is calm in operation. It’s UL-listed. Perfect to use with any of single landscape lights.

It is made of a strong plastic that can withstand the outside conditions. Additionally, the black color makes it perfect for an outside setting. You won’t need to stress over any stains or the need to wipe it every time. In addition, it has a power cable that is of the fitting length.

The size of this transformer is small but it doesn’t mean that it’s not useful. In particular, it includes a photocell simply like other premium transformers. For the record, a photocell is only a light sensor. At the end of the day, this one will likewise auto switch in the sunset and sunrise.

Yet, what makes it better from the others is that it has a full-on mode and there are 3 auto settings. For this situation, you can pick it to power on for 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours as you per your desire.

Setting this transformer up is very simple. You can mount in on the wall or on the ground easily.



Things to Consider While Buying the Best Low Voltage Transformer

When the design of your system’s layout is ready, now the next step is to locate a low voltage transformer that is compatible with it. For buying the best low voltage lighting transformer you’ll need to keep in mind following things:


The size of the transformer should always be greater than the complete wattage of your system of lighting. It is expressed in watts.

Now you must be wondering how to figure this all out? Just calculate the sum of the wattage of all light fixtures and then add a 10% allowance for voltage drop in the cables. 

The wattage can be higher than what your system requires but make sure you don’t surpass 33%.

Outlet Taps

There are two types of connectors, single and multiple. To every one of the taps on a strip, a single-tap gives a similar voltage. Multi-tap transformers have taps for a variety of low voltage outputs. Fixtures that are far away from the transformer should be connected to the taps with the higher voltage to make up for the voltage drop in longer cable runs.

Power Type

The power type of the bulbs and other fixtures in your system must be known. It will either be AC or DC. Pick a transformer with a similar power type.

Typically, AC low voltage transformers have high capacity. Due to this AC transformers are recommended to use for huge lighting systems. Whereas the DC transformers are commonly small in the capacity. They are most appropriate for low wattage LED lights.

Photocells and Timers

To your device convenience and usefulness are added through these two features. With the help of the timer, you will have the option to set the time for the transformer to turn on and off. And with the help of a photocell sensor, the device will have the option to detect dawn and dusk and turn on or off when required.


Low voltage transformer for small space will have sufficient safety features which include protection from short circuit and thermal detection features. The transformer should be enclosed in the case that should be weather-proof and lockable to shield from altering.

Here are 10 of the best low voltage transformers picked by us very carefully, so that this article can help you out in every way.


I think now you have everything necessary to pick the best outdoor low voltage transformer for your lighting system out of the various choices available.

If you are thinking of buying a low voltage transformer soon then you must ensure that the low voltage transformer effectively matches your lighting system.

There you go! Now you have our buying guide and survey of the 10 best low voltage transformers that you can purchase for your lighting systems.

If you follow all the information provided by us, we can guarantee you of getting the best low voltage transformer. If you want to share your views, just write them up in the comment section below. 

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