Best Jazz Trombone – [Reviews and Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

In all kinds of jazz bands, one of the famous musical instruments is the trombone since the 1900s. For nearly every type of jazz music, the instruments such as bebop, swing, the trombone, Dixieland along with the saxophone and trumpet were the most important instruments known.

Either it’s a concert hall, a blues band or jazz club the trombone is seen very often in such places. But the instruments that are played in hundred-piece orchestras and ten-piece jazz combos are quite different from one another.

If you are in search of the best jazz trombone then I will help you find the most efficient trombone which will meet all your needs and will be in your budget for sure.

After a lot of research, I have picked for you 10 of the most efficient trombones of the year 2020 that are the perfect choice for you either you are a professional or a beginner.

Best jazz trombones Reviews

1. Selmer Prelude TB711 Bb Lacquered Student Tenor Trombone

  • Medium bore
  • Bell size: 8-inches
  • Bell made of brass and yellow in color
  • Includes 12C mouthpiece
  • Solid shell case included
  • Nickel silver outer coating
  • Smooth lacquer finish

Our first pick is Selmer Prelude TB711, now the question is why is it our first choice? Well, it’s because of the many great reasons. The design of this trombone is incredible, which is one of the reasons it’s our first choice. You will get quite impressed by the design of this horn either you have used a trombone or before or not. 

The musician is very comfortable in playing the trombone due to an 8-inch bell. Selmer Prelude TB711 Bb Lacquered Student Tenor Trombone has a comfortable and strong grip for everyone, whether you are a professional or a beginner who is learning to play the trombone.

Top-notch chrome brass is coated in the interior of this instrument. It is liked by beginners and students because it is lightweight, affordable in price and has amazing features.

The instrument comes with Bach slide cream, enough to run you several months. This horn has a solid shell case for easy transportation and protection and it also has a removable balance weight. The instrument’s weight is4 pounds.

There are no storage issues and it is very easily carried around. The durability of the instrument is ensured by a top-notch material that is nickel silver which is coated on the outer surface of the trombone. The inner part is made of high-quality chrome brass.


  • Nice design: It has a very unique and eye-catchy design.
  • Lightweight: It is very light in weight due to which loved by the players.
  • Easy to carry: It is carried around easily due to the case included.
  • Quality material: It is made of high-quality material due to which it is very durable.
  • Perfect for students: It is ideal for students due to its lightweight and affordable price.
  • Affordable: It has a very reasonable price which is budget-friendly.


  • Produce tenor: It has the ability to only produce tenor.
  • Long: It is usually very long in size.

2. Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone

  • Gold lacquer finish
  • 500-inches medium bore
  • Bell size: 8-inches
  • Weight distribution is balanced
  • Includes extra things gloves, cleaning cloth and hard case

Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide trombone is the most appropriate choice for you if your budget is not that much but you also don’t want to adjust with a plastic trombone.

This trombone is basically 500 inches medium bore trombone accompanying a lacquer which is gold in color and an8-inch bell. There is no F-attachment with this horn.

This instrument is made in china. Although the pricing of china is reasonable yet remember, for a brass instrument its price is quite low. However, it includes extra things like a trombone reference book, white gloves, and a chromatic tuner. It can be said that the instrument is safe in itself.

This instrument is ideal for you if you are just a person who is interested in knowing about the usage of trombone, basically a non-musician or a beginner. But if you are a professional musician and all you want is a trombone of smaller size then you must go for some other trombone that is more efficient and appropriate for you.


  • Extra things included: It accompaniessturdier hard case, pocketbook, cleaning cloth and Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner.
  • Affordable: It has a very reasonable price due to which it is chosen by the students.
  • Suitable for beginners: It is best suited for students and beginners due to its lightweight and easy carriage.
  • Beautiful appearance: It has incredible construction and is nice to look at.
  • Durable hard casing: It includes solid casing for transportation and protection.


  • Noisy slide: The slide is a bit noisy.

3. Yamaha YBL-620G Series Bass Trombone

  • 5-inches bell size
  • Includes Eb and F keys
  • .563-inches Bb Bore
  • Optional D9 key
  • The brass body of yellow color
  • Double dependent rotor system included
  • For better performance gold brass bell is included

Yamaha YBL -620G is the best jazz trombone known for its amazing performance. When it comes to bass this horn beats all the others in the market and is liked by many jazz professional musicians. Basically, it is designed as per users’ needs and desires. One more thing which makes it the best in its price, it is quite reasonable in price so the students and professionals both can afford it easily and save money.


This horn is accompanied by a rotor system that enhances its ability. Yamaha YBL-620G Series according to many musicians is perfect and has the most incredible features which help in making the jazz music unique. Bb, F, and Eb are the three keys in which the system works. Furthermore, it also has a D9 key which is optional. A gold brass bell is included with this trombone for better performance and also for increasing the resonance. The size of the bell is 5-inches. The smaller sized bell is the plus point of this item. Due to this, this horn has a melodious tone which is perfect for any sort of jazz music.


Moreover, the instrument is famous for its great ability to bass. The trombone has a smooth lacquer finish for the best look of the product. I am sure that you will love this trombone.


  • Affordable: This quite reasonable in price and can be easily afforded by both students and professionals.
  • Excellent bass: It has got an amazing bass due to which it is famous among musicians.
  • Durable: It is made of high-quality material due to which is quite durable.
  • Incredible mouthpiece: No other mouthpiece in this price can compete with this one.
  • Comfortable: The player is very comfortable while playing this horn.


  • Heavy: Its weight is very heavy.
  • Huge size: The size of this horn is quite big.

4. Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate B Flat Tenor Slide Trombone

  • Lacquer yellow brass intermediate B Flat tenor trombone
  • With F-attachment,
  • Mechanical linkage
  • .547" large bore,
  • 8.5" bell,
  • Nickel-plated lead pipe, inner & outer slide
  • Large shank with silver plated 12C mouthpiece

On number four is Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate B Flat Tenor Slide Trombone which is the most balanced jazz trombone and is best suited for students and practicing musicians.

A mechanically linked F attachment is included with this horn due to which it has an amazing performance.

Mendini’s this model has an 8.5-inches bell and a large .547-inches bore size. The outer and inner slides of this horn are nickel coated and also the lead pipe is plated with nickel. The 12C mouthpiece is silver in color and it accompanies a shank with it.

The full package includes the following things: a strong sturdier case for the safety of trombone, white gloves pair Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, and a cleaning cloth for the horn.

If you are a non-musician or first-timer than we recommend this instrument because it has such amazing features at a very reasonable price.


  • Affordable: This horn is quite affordable in the price range.
  • Durable: It is made of top-notch material, is amazingly sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Includes extra things: It includes extra things with it like gloves, cleaning cloth and a strong casing.
  • For beginners: It is especially recommended for the students and beginners.
  • Nickel platted: Its interior, exterior, and lead pipe are coated with nickel which makes it durable.


  • Not recommended for professionals: It is not recommended for professional musicians.

5. Eastar Bb Tenor Slide Trombone Brass

  • Amazing design
  • Long-lasting paint coating
  • Horn mouth: 206mm/8.11-inch
  • Diameter: 13.4mm/0.528-inch
  • Eye-catchy appearance
  • Strong durable case included
  • Stronger penetration and more stable vibration
  • Utility accessories such as cleaning kit included

Eastar Bb Tenor Slide Trombone is manufactured by one of the top manufacturers of trombone that is EASTAR. It is made up of top-notch brass.

For the long-lasting performance and durability, this instrument is coated with double layers. It makes it more durable and reliable.

What makes this trombone versatile for all the musicians is its powerful sound that is equally amazing in both inside and outside. Among many other trombones available in the market this horn provides a more accurate and better tone.

This instrument is best suited for the professionals but It can also be said that this horn can also be used by the beginners as it comes with a care kit that has everything a first-timer needs to start with.

It includes extra things such as a cleaning kit and a strong durable case that protects the trombone. For making the trombone long-lasting it should be properly cleaned.


  • Wear-resistant and Durable: It is harder and wear-resistant among the other trombones available.
  • Cleaning kit: The cleaning kit helps in the maintenance of the instrument, for cleaning dirt poles and brushes are used, rust in the inner tube is prevented by the lubricating oil.
  • Coating for protection: It has double layered of coating for protection.
  • Powerful sound: It has an accurate tone, clean voice, penetrating and bright sound.
  • Shoulder pad for protection: This pad keeps the player's shoulder from tiring.


  • No even finish: It doesn’t have an even finish.

6. Jean-Paul USA Trumpet - Standard, Silver

  • Played in Bb key
  • The body is silver plated
  • For efficient playing an adjustable third trigger is included
  • Piston valve included
  • Carrying case, cleaning kit and gloves included

One of the best trombone manufacturers in the industry Jean-Paul has manufactured this instrument.  If you are a student and want to learn how to play, then this one is the perfect trombone for you without any doubt.

This instrument has a very fine lacquer finish and is made of high-quality brass. What makes it suitable for the beginners or students is that it is specially designed to play in the Bb key and also has an extra kit with it.

The extra things in the kit include cleaning cloth for the maintenance, pair of gloves, strong sturdier case for carrying and traveling.


  • Care kit: It includes extra things such as cleaning cloth, carrying case and gloves.
  • Made of brass with lacquer finish: It has a very fine lacquer finish and is made of high-quality brass.
  • Top-notch piston valve: This value is used for maximizing sound quality and making it last longer.
  • Carrying case: A robust carrying case is included for moving the horn around.
  • Third trigger: This trigger allows appropriate playing performance and normal hand position.
  • Suitable for students and beginners: It is best suited for students and beginners due to its amazing features.


  • No issues: There are no such issues regarding this instrument.

7. pInstruments pBone PBONE2B Jiggs Mini Plastic Trombone

  • Bell size: 7-inches
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Includes bag for transportation
  • The slide included that can be locked
  • Played in Eb

pInstruments pBone PBONE2B Jiggs Mini Plastic Trombone is the best jazz trombone among the other trombones available in the market. This is the ideal choice for you if you want a budget-friendly trombone because it is very reasonable in price and is a top-notch instrument.

This horn is light and sturdier because it is made up of ABS plastic. The reason behind its incredible sound is that it has a 7-inch bell and a .500 medium bore. It is played in the Eb key and has a slide that can be locked. For easy transportation, it accompanies a bag so that the trombone can be carried around easily.

The sound of the phone is very powerful and it is quite light in weight. Yet, it’s not that perfect, everything can have some flaws. This instrument is made of plastic so it can break very easily as compared to other trombones in this article. Plus, it is only available in blue color so there is a color choice limitation (but that’s not a big issue).

Generally, all I can say is that it is best suited for beginners who are learning to play jazz music. It is also recommended for kids due to the horn’s lightweight and easy carriage. I cannot recommend this trombone for professionals due to its durability issues.


  • Carry bag: A robust carrying case is included for moving the pBone around.
  • Lightweight: It is very light in weight due to which kids can also play it.
  • Same color mouthpiece: Mouthpiece is matching with the body.
  • Durable ABS plastic: It is made up of high-quality ABS plastic.
  • Affordable: It has a very reasonable price.
  • Suitable for beginners and kids: It is best suited for kids and beginners due to its lightweight and easy carriage.


  • Made of plastic: It’s made of plastic so it can break very easily.

8. pInstruments pBone Plastic Trombone

  • Medium .500 bore
  • Bell size: 8-inches
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Played in Bb key
  • Lockable glass fiber slide
  • Easy-grip
  • Includes matching pBone mouthpiece
  • Available in many colors

On number eight ispInstruments pBone Plastic Trombone which is one of the unique trombones available in the market today. This instrument is quite affordable so if you are low on a budget then you should go for this trombone.

It is firm and lightweight because it is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It weighs 1.8 lbs. only due to which it’s easy to carry.

It has a very strong 8-inch bell and a .500 medium bore due to which it has a powerful sound. This instrument accompanies a glass fiber lockable slide which helps in smoothening and enhancing the playability.

The best thing about it is there are many color choices available such as yellow, blue, orange, pink and black.


  • Lightweight: It is very light in weight due to which kids can also play it.
  • Held easily: This horn is easily played and held due to the ergonomic grip.
  • Lockable glass fiber slide: It helps in smoothening and enhancing the playability.
  • Carry bag: A robust carrying case is included for moving the pBone around.
  • Durable ABS plastic: It is made up of high-quality ABS plastic.
  • Nice design: The design of this horn is very sleek and stylish.
  • Color variety: It is available in many color choices available such as yellow, blue, orange, pink and black


  • Scratchy slide: The slide of this pBone is sometimes scratchy.

9. King Model 2102 Straight Tenor Trombone

  • Amazing upper range and projection
  • 481/.491" dual bore
  • Silver-plated finish
  • Wood shell case included
  • Bell size: 7-3/8"

King Model 2102 Straight Tenor Trombone is the most fabulous trombone available and is known by a common name that is King 2B. From the beginning of the 20th century when this trombone entered the industry it is very famous since then. It is played by top trombonists of all time.

The trombone accompanies a 7-3/8 inches’ brass bell along with a dual bore ranging from .481 – .491forprojection and good upper balance of register. King 2B offers a variety of options for a finish like a bronze bell or a silver plate finish either without or with gold trim.

This horn is best known for its amazing upper range and projection. It accompanies a 12C mouthpiece and also a wood shell case for protecting it. 


  • Projection: This instrument has an incredible upper range and projection.
  • Wood shell case: This case is used for protecting the horn.
  • Famous: It is very famous among many professional musicians.
  • Finish options: It has a variety of options for a finish like a bronze bell or a silver plate finish.
  • Best design: Its construction is very unique and stylish.


  • No issues: There are no such issues.

10. Yamaha YSL-891Z Custom Series Trombone Lacquer

  • Yellow in color
  • Bell size: 7.5-inches
  • Dual bore
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes two lead pipes of different sizes
  • Designed in accordance with Andy Martin and Wycliffe Gordon

Everyone is familiar with Yamaha, as it is one of the most leading brands of trombones. It is the priority of many musicians. From first-timers to professional musicians it can be used for all.

Wycliffe Gordon and Andy Martin are well-known trombonists and this horn is designed following them. This makes Yamaha YSL-891Z Custom Series Trombone Lacquer really special and different from all the other average jazz trombones.

It accompanies a brass bell of 7.5-inches yellow in color and a dual-bore ranging from .484 – .490. To modify the preciseresponse and sensation given by YSL-891Zhas two distinct lead pipes which is one of its unique features.These two pipes are in two sizes one is longer and the other is shorter.

You can change the response of your horn according to your blow due to these lead pipes.Either there is a whole band or a small group this feature is very useful in both the cases and enhances the performance of trombone.


  • Very responsive: It plays well in all registers
  • Fantastic horn: It is an amazing horn with a beautiful appearance.
  • Easy to hold: It is very easy to hold for a longer period of time.
  • A response can be modified: The response of the horn can be modified by the two lead pipes
  • Good projection and sound: This horn has a good projection and its sound is mellow and nice.


  • No issues: There are no such issues.

How To Buy The Best Chicken Feeder

You must consider certain things before buying the best jazz trombone. I agree that most of the features of almost all the trombones are the same but certain features are unique as well. Here are some of the things to consider before buying a trombone.


Reliability and Brand


You must look for a trombone that is reliable and lasts long. Then comes the brand which is also really important. Many companies come and go because they do not satisfy the customer needs. So, you must look for a brand that is well-known and as top-notch products.


Sound and Key


Bb key is the key in which usually all horns are played. Though, there are some which have D9 key. For balancing the sound and pitch of a trombone these keys are used. It can be a bit difficult for students to differentiate between the sound and the keys but they will learn with time.


Sizes of Bore and Bell


The size of the bore and bell really matters. The bell size mostly determines the pitch whether there will be a low or high pitch. Firstly, before buying a horn you must know that where will you going to play it. For example, you need a narrow bell for lead jazz so that sound can be projected. Furthermore, bore size is also very important for projection and resonance.


Flexibility of Slide


Notes of a trombone cannot be changes if the slide is inflexible. Due to this, you must buy a trombone with a flexible and smooth slide. If the slide is not that flexible then the horn can be a bit noisy.

Level of Player

Professionalism does not come with birth. It takes time for someone to learn some instrument and master it.

Some trombones have very complicated features due to which they can be best played by professional musicians. So, if you are a student look for a trombone with less complicated features.




The material of the trombone was talk of the world for many years. It is everyone’s own choice. Some of the most used materials are nickel, chrome, and brass. But some trombones are also made of high-quality plastic such as pBone and are liked by the people especially students and beginners.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article was of some help to you and after reading it you will be able to decide which trombone is best suited for you. I have tried to cover the latest jazz trombone details which are available in the market nowadays.

So, go and grab the best jazz trombone and play the music of your life!

If you have any questions regarding this article then you can write them in our comment section below.

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