Best Heated Chicken Waterer – Reviews and Guide

Are you in search of the best heated chicken waterer or want to gain information about one? Finding the best rated heated chicken waterer is a really tough job as you have to look into every minor detail. However, we are here to help you and this article will make you buy very easy.

If you want your chickens to drink warm water in the cold season so you will have to rely on a heated chicken waterer. Regardless of whether you have chickens or any other small animals this waterer provides animals with warm, fresh and clean water without making any struggle.

The overall health of the chickens is affected if they are not provided with enough water. The perfect solution to this issue is the heated chicken waterer for your commercial and residential use. Rather than cleaning up the dirty water bowls of chickens and getting tired you can simply use a chicken waterer which is a very effective system and supplies fresh clean and continuous flow of water to your chickens. However, if you are already using a heated chicken waterer then it’s time to get a more effective one!

All in all, which is the best heated chicken waterer for you? Read the next section and find out!

Recommended 10 Best Heated Chicken Waterer 2020

1. Premier Heated Poultry Waterer

Premier Heated Poultry Waterer

  • A smart thermostat provides no freeze water
  • Heat protected cord
  • Can hold 2.25 gallon of water
  • Bucket height is 14”
  • The lid is interlocking and secured
  • The heater is placed safely so that birds stay safe
  • Thich insulation around the jug
  • 3 drip-catch nipples
  • A handle is provided for hanging
  • Insulated cover

One of the top rated waterers today is Premier heated poultry waterer. It has top-notch client experiences because it’s very reasonable in price. All year clean water is provided to the flock by this waterer. It can be used for all seasons and is very reliable.

The insulated plastic material is used to make this waterer and has a capacity to hold 2.25 gallons of water. It comes with a lid to keep chickens from roosting and dirtying the waterer. Also, it has a cover handle which can be utilized for both hangings and moving around. Above all, it has 16 feet expanded electrical rope. You will get greater adaptability without utilizing additional ropes.

It has three nipples for drinking water. These nipples should be over the head of chickens so they should extend up and drink the water easily. In this way, water remains dirt-free. It can be the best choice for your large poultry.

There are three principle highlights that we liked so much about this chicken waterer. The first one is that its heater is securely placed due to which chickens are safe and protected. Secondly, the container is all around thickly insulated. Last but not least thermostat is fitted within to prevent the water from freezing in the cold season.


  • Keep the water dirt-free and Heater placed safely
  • Clean water is provided
  • Low electrical consumption
  • No freeze water source
  • Provides clean water, A trough is mess-free
  • Large capacity in Affordable price


  • Not enough water comes through nipples

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2. Farm Innovators HB-60P Heated 2
Gallon Poultry Drinker

  • Durable construction for a long-lasting product
  • Filled easily by removing the lid
  • Water is prevented from heating by the 60-watt heater
  • 3 nipples that are freeze free
  • The water level is visible due to transparency
  • Either hanged or placed on the ground
  • Thick insulated walls

This waterer is quite similar to the first one we reviewed. The two waterers have heaters with thermostat, top-fillable structure, walls thickly insulated, sturdy plastic build and no-freeze and no-drip nipples.

Now let’s talk about the differences between the two. This chicken waterer can either set on a stand or hanged up. The first model has a 50-watt heater while this one has a 60-watt heater. This implies that Premier’s chicken waterer is cheap when it comes to power consumption. It doesn’t have a coiled wire instead it has a normal length cord. It has a flat lid which is not that good because it cannot prevent roosting. The best thing is it provides clean water for the whole year.

Even at -10º F the water remains fresh and flowing due to this heated chicken waterer. This is what makes it superior to the rest. Try it and you won’t be sorry!


  • Provides clean water to chicken all year, Not messy at all
  • Provides warm water even at -10ᵒ F
  • The water level can be seen
  • Can accommodate more than 15 chickens
  • Nipples don’t drip
  • Prevents water from getting dirty


  • Nipples are a bit stiff

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3. K&H Pet Products
Thermo-Poultry Waterer

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Poultry Waterer

  • Great 60-watt heater
  • No-perch top design and Easy to fill due to the handle
  • The capacity of 2.5 gallons, the lid is spill-proof
  • The durable cord of 6 feet
  • The tray is easily cleaned and MET listed for safety
  • 100% BPA-free plastic, Durable and long-lasting
  • A smart thermostat in the heater, Not messy due to easily removable filter tray

Want your chickens to be healthy and happy? Then use K&H Pet Products Thermo-Poultry Waterer. It provides chickens with fresh, clean and warm water all year.

This chicken waterer is made of solid and durable plastic. It does not have any parts made of metals so you don’t have to worry about rusting. A blue tray contains a filter. Water can be cleaned out in seconds with the help of this filter which is easily removable. Due to the filter tray, there is no draining required, what is needed to do is remove the filter tray and spray water to remove dirt. 

The cap on the base of the fixed unit prevents valuable wastage of water as the container is placed back. Due to the handle of the waterer, it is easy to fill it with fresh water without any effort.

The best flow design helps in filling the tray smoothly and it also prevents any mess on the floor. Clean and fresh water will be provided to your chickens effortlessly.

The chickens are prevented from perching on the top of the tank and dirtying the water by the best no-perch design of the waterer.


  • Reasonable price but High-quality
  • Can accommodate up to 9 chickens
  • Unheated and heated models available
  • Bottom is sealed and Easy to carry handle is provided
  • Made of durable plastic, A tank can be easily filled
  • 60-watt heater is quite economical
  • Debris is easily removed from the trough by the water filter tray


  • Not suitable for areas having extreme weather conditions

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4. Harris Farms Double Wall Poultry

Harris Farms Double Wall Poultry Drinker

  • Double-wall waterer
  • Due to its vacuum process water flow is continuous
  • Made up of galvanized steel of commercial-grade
  • Can accommodate 51 chickens at a time
  • Locking device secures container and the base strongly
  • Rubber seal washers and brass valve for shutting off the water
  • Harris Farms Heated Poultry Drinker Base can be used with it

Harris Farm has the best chicken waterers collection and you can definitely rely on them. This double-wall waterer is made up of high-quality steel and also facilitates with the fresh and clean water to chickens which are continuously flowing. This chicken waterer can also be hanged for convenience. It can accommodate more than 50 chickens at a time without any issue.

The rolled edges prevent chickens from getting harmed, which is the best safety feature of this waterer. One of the highlighted features is its locking device which keeps container and base connected together. As soon as the water gets filled in the base the water gets shut off by the rubber seal washers and brass valve. The top of this chicken heated waterer is designed in a way that chickens cannot perch on it and the water remains dirt-free. Also, the waterer remains clean due to this feature.

If you want the chicken heated waterer to be hanged then be aware that it gets heavier when loaded up with water fully, so hang it carefully. Also, to hang it you will require a rope and a fixed point.


  • High-quality waterer
  • No leakage or spillage
  • Provides clean and continuous water
  • Prevents chicken form roosting
  • Round edges protect chickens


  • Quality issues

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5. Farm Innovators Model D-19
1-1/4-Gallon Heated Water Bowl

Farm Innovators Model D-19 1-1/4-Gallon Heated Water Bowl

  • Square shaped construction
  • The capacity of 1.25 gallons
  • Thermostatically controlled heating system
  • Solid and non-chewable cord protector
  • Perfect any sort of animals
  • The heater only heats the water, not boil it
  • Durable and long-lasting, Provides with the best service
  • 60-watt heater

Our fifth number pick is the Farm Innovators D-19 heater chicken waterer. Its structure is quite different from the others as it is constructed in a square shape container. This waterer has a capacity of 1.25 gallons and is very easy to use. Above all, it can be operated whenever itis required because of its thermostatically controlled heated system. Thermostat controlled heater just only heat the water and prevents it from boiling. Moreover, it can be used for many other kinds of birds besides chickens.

Above all, this heated waterer includes a solid non-chewable cord protector that cannot be damaged by the birds. It is long-lasting and will give you the best service always. What’s more, it is that it has a capacity of 60-watt heating. So, during the winter weather water can be prevented from freezing.

This waterer is very simple to clean and top off and provides fresh water. This is certainly the easiest approach to have a non-freezing and clean water source for your chickens. All you have to do is just plug it, fill it and there you go it starts working.

For having the best experience, you can use this automatic heated waterer for your flock without any doubt in mind.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Thermostatic control, Safe to use
  • Provides clean and non-freezing water
  • Reliable


  • Can overheat

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6. 2 Gallon Chicken Waterer –
Horizontal Nipple Setup (4 Nipple)

2 Gallon Chicken Waterer - Horizontal Nipple Setup (4 Nipple)

  • Automatic heated waterer
  • 4 spill-free nipples
  • Easy to fill due to the top lid
  • Due to the handle its easy to hang and carry
  • Made of solid plastic material
  • Durable and Provides clean water
  • Great for value
  • The capacity of 2 gallons of water

More than 70 percent of clients think that 2 Gallon chicken waterer is the best heater chicken waterer, as its clearly shown by its 5-star rating. Now the question is why do such a large number of people are fond of this chicken waterer? Let us see.

To begin with, it’s made up of solid plastic material and has 4 horizontally placed nipples. It is an automatic heated waterer.

Due to the nipples, there is no way water can be dirtied by the chickens in any way. In contrast to an open container, this waterer is very reliable as the water is free from any sort of dirt and animals have clean water whenever they are thirsty.

As the birds will definitely perch up on the top but that isn’t the problem anymore because this waterer is totally covered.

This nipple system is incredible as the chickens can easily get access to water and water does not get dirty. Plus, it prevents leakage. Your chickens will just tap their beak on the nipples and water will start following without any effort.

We additionally need to specify that the unit accompanies a strong handle that makes hanging and carrying around very easy. Due to the lid water filling is very easy.


  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • The design prevents water from leakage
  • Easy to clean
  • Instructions are very simple to follow
  • Prevents chickens from roosting
  • Very easy filling due to the top lid
  • Once filled can be used by 4 hens for 5 whole days


  • If overfilled can stop flowing

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7. Poultry Drinker Heater Base for
Chicken Waterer

Poultry Drinker Heater Base for Chicken Waterer

  • Frozen drinkers are avoided
  • Tolerates temperatures up to -20 degrees F
  • Has an adjustable bracket due to which any sort of drinker is adjustable
  • The inner side is insulated with 15mm PU
  • Safe low voltage: 24V DC, Power of 28-watt
  • Steady controlled heating, Perfect thermostat
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 12.9 x 2.1 inches
  • Weighs only 2.48 pounds

This poultry drinker heater is the best-heated chicken waterer as it can keep the water non-freezing at -20ᵒ F. There are adjustable brackets for the container that opens up to 11.5 inches in diameter. It provides guaranteed warmth and is also very safe to use. It has a connector and a long cord for convenience. This waterer utilizes a low voltage of 24V DC which is safe to use.

This drinker heater base is used to avoid water from freezing in the cold season. Any drinker can be easily adjusted into it due to the adjustable brackets. It leads all the heat to the top because of the insulated construction at the inner side. It is safe and secure due to the usage of low voltage. This drinker heater uses 28-watt power for heating. The best thing is that heating is controlled, it gets heated according to the requirement and not get too hot. It can be said that the thermostat works perfectly.


  • Avoid frozen drinkers
  • Can bare harsh temperatures
  • Adjustable and Durable
  • Provides controlled heating
  • Safe to use, Easy usage


  • The cord had quality issues

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8. Harris Farm’s Heated Poultry Drinker Base

  • Provides non-freezing water up toa temperature of 10º F
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Power of 125-watt
  • Made up of galvanized steel to avoid rusting
  • Easy to use, just plug in and place the drinker above
  • Can be used with the Harris Farms Heated Chicken Waterers

Harris Farm’s Heated Poultry Drinker Base is a thermostatically-controlled and warmed chicken waterer base where different types of drinkers can be easily fitted. It functions admirably with either the 5-gallon or 2-gallon double-wall steel chicken heated waterer. It also works perfectly with the plastic heated waterer without any issue as per some users. This heated metal base is very versatile. 

All things considered; it is not suggested to use it with materials for which it’s not made. They are specially made to prevent steel heated waterers from freezing. But they are not that suitable for plastic waterers.

You should be cautious while utilizing them because these things can get heated. It keeps water non-freezing at temperatures up to 10º F and begins from almost 30º F. Know that the warmer radiated heat inside the cage which can either be a good or bad thing depending on the circumstance.


  • Provides steady continuous warmth
  • Suitable for any material waterer
  • Easy utilization, Do not get too hot
  • Reliable and Long-lasting


  • No such issues

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9. Farm Innovators Heated Pet Bowl
with Stainless Steel Bowl Insert

Farm Innovators Heated Pet Bowl with Stainless Steel Bowl Insert

  • Heated pet bowl of five and a half Quart
  • Operates only when required because it’s thermostatically controlled
  • At low temperatures prevents water from freezing
  • Bowl is prevented from moving due to the anti-skid rubber base
  • A solid anti-chew cord is provided
  • 60 Watts power

Farm Innovators Heated Pet Bowl with Stainless Steel Bowl Insertkeeps water from freezing below zero temperatures and is thermostatically-controlled to work when it is required to. The bowl is prevented from moving due to the non-slip elastic base. It is difficult to clean the solid spotless bowl. A non-chewable solid cord is provided that gives protections. Perfect for all year use. It utilizes the power of 60-watt. 


A completely grounded supply cord is included with the base. A metal stud is welded to the inside of the bowl is included in the grounding procedure. This may bring about a little dimple obvious on the spotless bowl. This isn’t a manufacturing fault and it does not affect the working of the bowl.


It is best suited for small animals. Its double-wall construction provides protection. The strong stainless bowl is very easy to clean. It is one of the best drinkers bases available. Inner metal stud makes it superior to others.


  • Simple to refill and Easy to use and clean
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Provides safety
  • A non-chewable cord is provided
  • Durable and Prevents water from freezing at very low temperatures


  • Bowls are permanently attached and cannot be replaced

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10. Rite Farm Products 3.7 Gallon
Heated Poultry Chicken Waterer

  • 3.7 Gallon Capacity
  • Thermostatically-controlled
  • Two LED Indicators
  • Defroster, not a water heater
  • 6 feet cord is provided
  • Handle on top for easy filling and transportation
  • Provides warm and clean water yearly
  • Dimensions: almost 16 x 14 x 14 inches

Our last but not the least choice Rite Farm Products 3.7 Gallon Heated Poultry Chicken Waterer is a bit different from others as it contains two LED indicators. The LED lights indicate to you about the unit’s power and heating state. Basically, the left light indicates that the heater is on and the drinker is warming and the right light indicates that the unit has power. This heated waterer has a solid polyethylene construction. It comes with a handle that is used for carrying around or hanging somewhere. 


It is very easy to clean. 3.7-gallon water filling capacity should be appreciated. It contains a 6ft rope which is quite long to be plugged in anywhere suitable. Refill is very simple all you have to do is simply remove the base add water and put the base back on. For a reasonable price, it provides you with high-quality performance. An easy decision to make without thinking! 


  • Only unfreeze water do not warm it until below 40 degrees
  • Electric bill is controlled well
  • Easily carried around or hanged
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Provides non-freezing water
  • High-quality


  • Refilling is a bit difficult

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Factors to Consider while Purchasing the Best Heated Chicken Waterer

While choosing the best-heated chicken waterer you must consider different factors first. These factors will help you in making your decision easily without taking any stress about which product to buy. Followings are the factors to be considered for buying a heated waterer:


Safety should be considered at first as it is most important. Security should be leading all the rest of the factors. Since the heated chicken waterer is an electrically controlled container so you should be very careful. The waterer should be highly protective. Its heater should be fully covered and must be having a safe and anti-chewable cord.

The Material of the Waterer

Usually, plastic is used to make the best chicken waterers since it’s modest, sturdy, easy to clean and light-weight.

Another material that is mostly used other than plastic is galvanized steel. These have the advantage of being free of substances that are harmful and are clean but can get rusty.

Number of Chickens

There are many choices for chicken hated waterer available depending on the capacity of water and the accommodation of chickens per waterer. If you have fewer chickens then up to 3 gallons of waterer with fewer nipples will be enough. But if you have a greater number of chickens then most probably up to 6 gallons of waterer will be required with many nipples.

Location of the Waterer

The location of the waterer is an important thing to consider. Pan fountain designs can work for you if outdoor splashes and drips are not really a problem for you. But if you are planning to place the heated waterer inside then, in this case, the best heated chicken waterer will be the one having nipples because these will prevent it from any kind of leakage and the floor will not get wet.


Another important factor to be considered is the price. Something good can be done at a better price for your poultry farm. You must guarantee that you’re all prepared to spend your money on the correct product. Try to get maximum advantages at a reasonable price.

From all of the above if you want a cheap waterer then we recommend Farm innovators waterer. It provides high-quality in an affordable range.


If today is the day you want to buy  heated chicken waterer then you have to keep in mind that a chicken waterer is significant and necessary for your flock of chickens. We have just given you the overall idea about the best chicken waterer and how to choose one. What’s more, the items we have chosen in this article are from well-known brands that are famous for their top-notch products and approved by many users. Choose one and you won’t regret it.

We hope that this article will be of some help to you and you will choose the best heated chicken waterer from here. Leave a comment below if you want to ask something or share your previous experience. Good Luck!

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