Best Hand Priming Tool – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Having a difficult time picking the right hand priming tool? With the multitudes of priming tools on the market, it can be tough to select a suitable one to suit your needs. When selecting the best hand priming tool, you need to choose an ergonomic model so that you can use it without too much force. You also want to end up with a tool that will serve you for many years.

We have simplified your work by narrowing down the options on the market for you. Check our guide and reviews to help you decide which hand priming tool to pick. Compare their aspects, pros, and cons to make a thoughtful purchase.

Best Hand Priming Tool Reviews

After an extensive research, we were able to come up with a top list of quality hand primers that you can choose. Each of these tools is unique so you just need to make comparisons to select the one that meets your requirements.

1. Frankford
Arsenal Platinum Series Hand De Primer Tool

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Hand De Primer Tool

  • Material: Robust die-cast zinc
  • Collects: Three collects for various diameter cases
  • Universal collect system: Available
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Comfort design

If you need a durable hand-priming tool, then go in for the Frankford Arsenal. This is a very convenient tool. Despite its price, the product has twelve shell holders that contain all types of bullets necessary for any project. This system features robust die-cast zinc make as well as a good design.

Furthermore, the product keeps the environment clean as it has a collection tube that holds random primers for later disposal. Moreover, the collection tube is transparent hence easy to monitor the level of dirt. When the tube is full, twist it off then empty. Frankford Arsenal hand priming tool can deprime all types of brass, including the pistol brass. 


  • Easy to use: You just need to press specific buttons to change the shell holders.
  • It has several shell holders that are approximately twelve in number. The shell holders help several users to save on costs. This is because there is no need to purchase any kind of bullet as you can find them in the priming tool
  • It Lasts long: It is a durable hand-priming tool that will serve you for many years. The whole system is inside a robust molded case. It also features strong, robust die-cast zinc make.
  • Reliable: Deprimes a large amount of brass quickly with no fatigue.


  • It tends to be expensive: Among all the other tools, this is the most costly

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2001 Universal Hand Priming Tool

RCBS 2001 Universal Hand Priming Tool

  • Weight: eight ounces.
  • Adjustable primer trays.
  • Safety gate: Yes
  • Unisex machine: Adults only.

The RCBS 2001 Universal hand-priming tool is a product of the RCBS brand that has more advanced features compared to the others. It offers precise, engineered products. Those who are yet to start the reloading process should try out this incredible machine. The machine provides powder dispensers, progressive presses and any other equipment you require to carry out an effective priming process.

With its safety gear, one is sure of a safe process with minimum or no accidents. It is a very affordable device. Primers do not flip over in case the tray tilts back. Besides, RCBS requires no shell holders. The product`s weight makes it a portable machine.  


  • Has safety gear: The existence of a safety gate parented in nature avoids trade detonation by isolating tray primers from seat primers.
  • It is a quick and safe machine: Due to its safety gear, one is sure of a secure process. The primer gets off immediately you need to put in primers that were not in a proper position on the seat.
  • Durable: The handle features heavy-duty steel, and the tray`s lead has a high-quality plastic make.
  • Primer trays are removable: The RCBS suits any primer packaging of the manufacturer.


  • Lacks shareholders: Shareholders are specific to the RCBS brand only, and you have to buy them separately.
  • Wastes time: You have to change from large primers to small primers hence wastes time and energy.

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3. Lee
Precision 90700 Auto Bench Priming Tool

Lee Precision 90700 Auto Bench Priming Tool

  • Good design
  • Prime trays: small and large
  • Triangular tray: accepts any prime tray
  • Material: polyester and steel
  • Shell holder: none

LEE Precision 90700 is a device that performs its job well despite its small size. Learners should try it out, as it is a simple machine and a safe one too. It works well with the aid of its features. This tool fits in your hand well due to its ergonomic design regardless of which side is in use. It uses affordable shell holders similar to the auto prime.  When you buy this primer, you get an extra insert for a bigger or smaller size primer as well as a triangular tray.

Those who want a pocket-friendly primer should settle on this. The perfect clear durable polyester allows you to monitor the passage of primers. Primer size and shell holders are easy to adjust.


  • The handle is of a good design hence, it requires less energy and is easy to use.
  • Easy to use: You can easily switch the primer to smaller and bigger priers by adjusting the insert. To prevent fumbling, use the pre-assembled insert. The insert separates the seating from primers.
  • Affordable: It tends to be cheap since it does not include shareholders.


  • The machine has unique shell holders from LEE; therefore, other shell holders from other brands do not work well with it.
  • It is somehow expensive: You have to purchase the shell holders, as the machine does not contain any shell holder.

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4. Rcbs
9460 Auto Priming Tool

Rcbs 9460 Auto Priming Tool

  • Product Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Material: metal
  • Quality: RCBS
  • Speed: fast
  • • Durable. Serves you for decades since it has a strong material make.

For any reloader who needs fast and accurate results, I suggest they should try the RCBS 9640 auto priming tool. The device has a unique lever system for actual and quick results. It also has two primer tubes of different sizes as well as primer rod assemblies. A reloader can quickly tell the depth of the primer .this type of sensitivity helps reloaders to identify the consistency of their priming process.

Another great thing about this auto priming tool is that it prevents contamination of the primers. Reloaders should pick their primers by use of specialized tools known as primer pick up keeps the primers clean.


  • It offers a sensitive feel: Reloaders come up with accurate ammunition as they recognize the consistency of their process as well as the depth of the primer.
  • Prevents primer contamination: One primer at a time fits in the primer feed tubes, which maintains primer integrity by avoiding contamination.
  • Presence of primer tubes: Features both small and large primer tools so no need to purchase them. This product comes with primer cups together with rod assemblies.
  • Fast tool: It has a unique lever system that enhances accurate results and is easy to use.


  • Primer cups tend to get loose when at work. You have to keep checking the tightness of the cups.

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  • Item Weight, pound: 2.2
  • Package weight, pounds: 30.5
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Durability: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Green Supply

The RC Supreme allows loading of lengthy cartridge design in the recent days since it is long. It is perfect for beginners due to its exceptional length and strong handle making it flexible and easy to operate. The kit contains all the features needed to initiate loading practice. You do not require any skill to operate the priming tool and therefore it is convenient for everyone in the loading industry. 


  • Simple to use: Operating the kit is very easy both to beginners and experts
  • Versatility: It works with both small and large case plugs
  • Reliable: The press is very heavy and strong hence lasts longer. The tool is of high quality.
  • Compatibility: Since the components in the kit are from the same company, it won’t bother in connecting the items.
  • Shell holders not needed: The jaw easily locks any kind of brass you put in the handle with an in-built holder. This reduces the cost of purchasing separate shell holders.
  • Durable: The tray has a plastic lid that is made of quality material. It also has a strong steel handle.
  • Patented gate: It prevents the primers in the seat to touch the ones in the tray hence avoiding detonation.


  • Complicated: It is difficult to interchange the primer size.
  • Expensive: The RCBS tool is very costly.

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  • Item weight, pounds: 2.2
  • Package weight, pounds: 2.9
  • Material: zinc, steel
  • Durability: Yes
  • Number of items: 1
  • Size: One size
  • Manufacturer: Battenfeld Technologies

The Frankford Arsenal is a reloading tool that has greatly improved the work in the stock up the world. Frankford Arsenal makes every effort to produce quality reloading tools at an affordable price. The primer helps you to comfortably place primers from any place since it is of portable design and also hand-operated. It has a dial to positions the depth of the seat and a hard stop to ensure that the primer seats at your desired depth.

The Frankford Arsenal Hand Primer contains 12 shell holders that cover 652 calibers. It also has a primer tray that contains 100 large or small primers and a strong injection case for storage purposes. It has easily modifiable seating depths of one-thousandth of an inch.  The tray easily twists the primers to the correct presentation for quicker priming practice.

This hand primer is designed in a modernized way to allow fit in your arm perfectly allowing the primer to seat at any location.


  • Versatility: It works with both large and small primers. The holder has an addition of 3 more posts to store custom.
  • Ease of use: A swift thumb release method helps you to interchange a large primer with a small one. The hard stop prevents you from over crushing a primer. It is also very easy to change shell holders.
  • 12 case holders: The primer contains 12 case holders to cover up the important cases. The tray is capable of holding more than 100 primers. No need to buy holders separately which saves you money.
  • Durable: The hand primer is made of very strong die-cast zinc with its inner components made of steel. This combination is of high quality and therefore lasts longer. The structure is enclosed in a tough injection case.
  • Innovative: It is easily adjustable to different depths to prevent you from crushing primers.


  • Stout spring: Requires more effort to push the thumb lever down
  • High Cost: The priming tool is very expensive to purchase

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  • Item weight, ounces: 14.1
  • Package weight, pounds: 1.4
  • Material: steel
  • Durability: Yes
  • Color: Multiple
  • Manufacturer: Big Rock
  • Brand name: Lyman

The system is compatible with standard brands of shell holders and is adjustable to a variety of primer sizes. It has two primer trays that integrate their in-built small or large primer punch assemblage. The tray comprises of in-built shut-off door to enclose the primer in position while changing over.

The tool has an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue when working since it increases leveling. While working with this tool, you start with loading the tray with primers. Close the cap and finalize by shutting the door to enclose the primers in place. You should then bring together the primer to the handle then put the shell holder at the top. Lock the cover with a cap and you are good to go.


  • Durable: The plastic tray cap is made of quality material. The handle, made of steel is very strong.
  • Reliable: The type with matte black color and sleek is large enough to fit in your hand.
  • Ergonomic shape: This design makes it simple while you press the primer and you just need to exert less energy while loading.
  • Universal shell container: This tool is among the best since it works with a variety of standard shell holders
  • No small parts for fussing: Small items tend to get lost in the field of work. With no small parts, it gives you an easy task when joining the parts.


  • More work needed: You are required to incline it back and front, to ensure that primers do not overload the seat.

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  • Item Weight: Pound: 1
  • Durability: Yes
  • Color: Red
  • Manufacturer: Hornady
  • Brand name: Hornady

The Hornady priming tool comes with an extra tray that is designed to be used together with RCBS shell holders. It comprises of a single portion of primer tray highly advanced to retain the lid. The primer tray reduces the necessity to separate primer bushing. The system has been amended to enable faster change-over.

The spring and punch of the seat are built-in the priming tool. This makes it easy to change the primer trays and shell holders. This tool provides a great companion with every single press.


  • Easy to operate: It is trouble-free to assemble the parts of the system.
  • Durable: The tool is made from a very tough material which makes it last longer
  • Pocket-friendly: The tool is cheap to buy since the shell holders are not included.
  • Versatility: The Hornady uses both large and small primers.


  • Primer seating not adjustable: This prevents you from changing the primer to the desired depth.
  • Time-consuming: you require more time to set up the system.

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  • Weight: 2 Pound
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Durability: Yes
  • Color: Red
  • Manufacturer: ACK, LLC
  • Brand name: Lee Precision

Lee precision priming tool is all that you need. It is simple to use to the beginners and it only weighs 1 to ½ lbs. This tool is small making it easy to handle and to perfectly fit in your hand. It has a safety gate that partitions the priming tray from the seat making it safe to use thus causing no injuries while loading.

In the box, you will find the hand primer, extra insert for other primers of different sizes and a triangular tray. It has a long stroke that comfortably seats in all primers. The tool has a C-frame and a single stagehand press making. 


  • Affordable: The tool is less expensive since it does not have holders.
  • Easy to use: Changing from small to a large primer, you just need to change the insert. The insert is designed to avoid you from losing the small parts. The insert also separates primers from seating thus making it uncomplicated and efficient to use. It also saves time since no mounting is required.
  • Ergonomic design: The shape of the handle makes it simple to use since you just require a smaller amount of energy to push.


  • No holders: Since you purchase the Lee Precision tool without holders, it might cost you much when looking for holders to fit the primer.
  • Low quality: Compared to other priming tools, the material used to make the lee precision is not strong enough.

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Hand Priming Tool Buying Guide

Before you select a hand priming tool, it is important to consider the best aspects that make up a good model on the market. The following are some essential things that you should consider before buying a hand priming tool.

Consider safety

It is a significant factor that you should put on top of your list. The loading process is risky, and there are no risks about it. All you need is a tool that guarantees safety to avoid injuries.

Additionally,since you are dealing with a dangerous tool,it is essential to ensure that it has a safety option to prevent accidental damages. Besides,most of the current types in the market feature a safety option that works to separate the primer in use from the unused ones.Keep in mind that one wrong move when priming can cause denotation, thus always consider safety measures before you purchase this tool.

Check out for shell holders

Shell holders are essential aspects for a perfect hand priming. It is necessary to check out if the hand priming tool you have includes shell holders. Most of the few models in the market have this option includes while others lack. You can consider buying them separately, but it might be a little tricky getting the right size as different primers have different sizes of shell holders. Besides, if you don’t want to purchase additional shell holders, then go for a primer with a universal unit. The bad thing about this product is that it is a bit slower as compared to others.

Check out for Comfortability Features

If you like the idea of priming with your own hands, then you might do many cases, and that’s why you get a tool that is comfortable and fast. It is an essential factor to consider when buying a hand primer so that it keeps comfortability and gives you the ease of use. Most comfortable features include the handle and its portability. Ensure that you go for an ergonomic design that comes with a convenient handle to give a better grip of the tool. With a better grip, you will be able to prevent cramps among other injuries.

 Consider its price

It is just another significant factor that you should never miss out. The different types of quality come at different prices. In most instances, you will find out that high-quality primers come at a higher rate as compared to the low-quality ones. Besides, many of the good ones tend to be higher; however, it is essential to consider what you can afford. All the qualities work well but if you are willing to make a long term investment, then check out for your budget. It is also essential to do considerable research so that you can compare your budget with the available features.

Consider the material

When purchasing a primer tool, the material is an essential factor as it brings about durability. Keep in mind that you are not going to primer once or twice. It is something that you are going to take a lot of time, and you probably need a material that can withstand that pressure. Go for a heavy-duty material that will last longer and prevent wear and tear of the frequent use. Besides, it will help you save so much money and time that you could have spent on repairs or purchasing a new tool if it wears out.


Purchasing the right tool for priming is an important thing that you should carefully put into consideration. Additionally, note that hand primers are essential tools when it comes to reloading so they need to with easy to use and comfortable. Furthermore, you now have an idea of the unique things to look out for when you are buying this tool. All the products are from superb manufacturers, and you won’t have regrets about your decisions if you consider the above factors. I hope this guide will be significant to you when you are buying the best hand priming tools. All the best in your purchase!

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