Best Epoxy Grout –Reviews and Guide

Everyone looks forward to having a clean interior, don’t you? Tiles are common in many interior decors because they offer an appealing and smooth look. However, cleaning them becomes a problem because of the grout. With time, bathroom and kitchen tiles can develop mildew and mold which can be frustrating. This is why you need to have the best epoxy grout to achieve a clean look.

It works well on stained, flaked or discolored tiles and helps in restoring their spotless look. We have a detailed guide and review that will help you pick a quality epoxy grout for your tiles.

Recommended Best Epoxy Grout Reviews

The main aim of this article is to help you select the right epoxy grout on the market. We have covered top products and a buying guide to ease your purchase. Check the reviews so that you can choose what suits your needs.

1. Perma Tile Grout Waterproof Tile Grout

It comes with unique features that make the product outstanding in the market. Its ability to withstand and water around the tiles makes it a perfect solution for solving cracks in the bathroom. Mostly it retains the freshness of the floor and improves its look. 


Moreover, high-quality grout does not come out. It instead gives you a fantastic look that catches your eye. 

With this waterproof product, you can achieve a well-finished look of your floor. Besides, this grout does not become loose, a thing that happens with most grouts in the market. It gives you a more straightforward job when you decide to remove it. It makes easy work and energy. It is also easy to mix up the grout.


With this kind of grout, you can achieve a uniform color that balances a perfect look. Additionally, it comes with some information that will help you apply the grout correctly. After using the grout, it dries up so fast. It saves you time that you would have spent waiting for it to harden up. On top of that, the product is suitable for different surfaces. It is not choosy and will work well on each floor.



2. Spectra Lock PRO Full Unit Part A+B

It is a grout that comes with a great package. By this, I mean that it comes with additional features apart from just the grout mixture. The gloves, color sand, and a kit come in a bucket. This bucket plays an essential role as it perfect in mixing. 


The unique thing about this grout is that the sand predicts the color that the grout makes. It is also highly waterproof; thus, it can be best for swimming pools and bathrooms. 

It doesn’t hold on stains nor discolor over time. You can use this type of grout for a more extended period before you think of rebranding your floor. Moreover, cleaning up this kind of grout is a much easier task compared to other groups.



The grout comprises a substance known as antimicrobial. It prevents the risk of growth of the mild on the floors. It then gives you a colorful smoother, well-finished tile. The grout can is ideal for decorating both inside and outside walls and floors. If you have ceramic tile, stone applications or glass tile, then this is the perfect grout to consider. Its consistent colors do not require much sealing. Generally, it is a much natural grout to maintain.



3. Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Mini Parts A&B, 2lb

The grouts can prevent the growth of molds on the floors. It allows for easy maintenance, as there will be less thorough cleaning. A sweep or mop is sufficient for a day. Besides, always make time for intensive cleaning once a week. 


It comes in a uniform color that tends to last for more extended periods without losing its colour. Perfect as no one would wish for a patch like grouts.

Its design helps enhance the ability to resist the sun rays, which might cause damage. It is fully waterproof, which can be ideal for swimming pools. Besides, this product comes with a bucket full of additional accessories to help make a fantastic mixture. When you have such grout, you should not worry about spills as it is stain resistant.



In most cases, it works well with commercial and residential homes. Additionally, keep in mind that when you use this grout, tiles won’t require sealing. It does fill the spaces correctly. The kits that accompany the grout are way essential. It features pre and final equipment. They are used to wash the floor before applying grout an after it dries up. Ensure you get it right!



4. SGA 6 - Tile Grout Repair Kit with Waterproof Penetrating Sealer

The tile grout comes with a repair kit and a sealer that prevents water from penetrating the floor, which comes separately. It produces a harder, combined mix that is stable. It is ideal for bathroom repairs, grout corners, kitchen counters, and tub showers. 


It is an additive grout that helps convert most of the regular grouts into durable, harder and suitable looking grouts.

Most of the time, what you need to achieve this is just adding resin to the grout to make it harder. Moreover, this product kit comes with a variety of appliances. For instance, it includes mixing cups and sticks and application gloves. The grout is also easy and safe to use. With this, it is by homeowners, and you can apply it by yourself to save on time and money. You will fall in love with its freshness and finish. 


Furthermore, I never get worried about using this grout on the wall. You will like the results since it is a sealant and works well on vertical surfaces. Its ability to work well on a variety of surfaces makes it outstanding in the market. It also works well with wet surfaces. Many professionals like it.



5. Miracle Sealants EPOREMQT6 Epoxy Grout

It is one of the best removers, especially if you are dealing with resistant stain and sticky substances on the floor. It works best on ceramic and porcelain tiles both inside and outside. It contains acid-free formulae which remove epoxy grout film on your floor. 


Generally, this substance works to ensure that unwanted residue completely scraps off easily from your surface. It is one of the best cleaning detergents you can use after applying epoxy grout on the floor. It is not a must you be an expert to use it.

As long as you follow the right procedure, it guarantees perfect results. It produces a low odor, thus safe to use in your homestead. If you consider buying this epoxy remover, you will be fascinated by how it works. It is so effective and easy to use while cleaning. It is also known as acidic, giving a gentle touch on stones and tiles. 


The design of the remover makes it perfect for use on natural stones, porcelain tiles, ceramic and concrete floors. With a gallon, you can achieve more. It is because it can give up to 150 square feet per gallon. Besides, it comes at an affordable price, which is so impressive. Some of the removers are cheap but produce unpleasant smells. Always ensure that you work with a metal brush for effective results.



6. Perma Tile Grout Waterproof Tile Grout

Professionals always prefer it. This type of grout has every feature that makes it suitable for use in bathrooms. It also works well on wet floors as it can withstand water. However, it is always vital to find the right grout as it will determine the outlook of the entire space. 


Grouts also bring about a certain mood of the environment. Perma Tile grout that gives a non-shrinking effect outstands as a brand. It provides a well-finished look and retains the color of your tile. 

Additionally, it enhances the look of the place and distributes the color of the grout uniformly. It prevents patch like marks on the floor and weighs about 5 pounds. This grout comes with durable, superior quality. You can apply and use it for years before it starts to fade off. 


It does not only fill the cracks in the tiles but also prevents water from penetrating the floor. In most instances, you will come across a type of grouts that come out. However, this grout is unique and has superior quality. It does not come out like others. The simple instructions on the template will help you apply it easily. You don’t need a professional to use and mix the grout.



7. IT JUST WORKS! Grout-Eez Super Heavy Duty

It is both a cleaner and a whitener. It is a convenient and effective grout to use on grout. It easily removes grease, stains, and dirt on ceramic and is a natural cleaner that does not waste time. 


It takes short periods to remove unwanted particles from the floor. In most instances, apply the remover and wait for 7 to 10 minutes before you start cleaning.

While cleaning, ensure that you use a large microfiber towel. It enhances the removal of grease-like residue effectively. As compared to other detergents, this type of cleaner has no strong odor. Consider purchasing a broomstick brush so that you won’t spend much time on your knees. Make cleaning effortless. 


With its unique abilities, it makes cleaning of epoxy grouts an easy process. Moreover, because of its efficiency, the cleaner is a product that professionals recommend. The grout also lifts effectively dirt that settles on grouts. The formulae that mix well is useful in cleaning countertops, showers, and tile floors. The best news about this cleaner is that it rinses off easily and does not leave a residue.



8. Elmer’s E873 Tile Grout 6-Ounce

This tile grout has a high quality that stays long before re-grouting. It comes with a feature that prevents moulds and mildew from growing on the floor. Additionally, it prevents the risks of damages mould and mildew can cause on the surface. 


The grout helps avoid atmospheric conditions such as moisture and water from penetrating the floor. When it completely seals the cracks, it becomes waterproof.

It has a unique feature that effectively works to keep the durability of the grout on the floor. Even if you try using harsher chemicals on the grout, it does not wear. It retains its fresh look! With so much protection, the grout enhances the aesthetics of your floor. It has the ability to blend with the surface when applied perfectly uniformly. 


It’s packaging a bit tends to be challenging to unravel. It comes in a tube, and you might find it challenging to cut the product well. However, with the instructions, this becomes easy to apply. It works well if you carefully manage to mix the ingredients in the right procedure. It can last for more extended periods without wearing out. However, its thickness allows small touch up works. Make the right grout decision.



9. Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout Repair Squeeze Tube

As the name suggests, it works effectively. It is an acrylic-based grout that is suitable for ceramic and mosaic tiles. If you have the needs of working on loosed and cracks on the tiles, then this considers checking out this grout. It is well known for working to give out unnoticeable finishes. 


In other words, it blends well with the tiles, and no one notices the presence of the grout. Due to its ability to resist water, it does not have any effect on the grout.

The grout lasts for more extended periods. It also can retain its color, and you can never have faded on the tiles. It will always look fresh and new all-time. The design of the tube ensures that grout comes out of insufficient supply. With this, you can make the application within a short period. It is best suitable to be used for a large type of works on mosaic tiles.



The grout can also do an excellent job of fixing the edges of wallpapers. It also adheres to masonry, tiles and wood materials. However, this type of grout can be unique for light filling works.



10. Rain Forest Epoxy - Commercial Grade Crystal Clear Epoxy

A mostly grout is for commercial purposes, mainly used for coating wood surfaces, countertops, artworks, among many more. In other terms, the grout is multi-functional. With this kind, you can complete a massive amount of work within a shorter period. It is because it dries up quickly. 


Furthermore, it has a thin finish that attracts the eye. It can retain the initial color; thus, it does it leave patches on the tiles.

With the grout, you have to ensure that you mix in equal portions. It comes with contents that enhance the outcome of the application. It is thin like a mixture that suits craftworks. It can remain so clear even after it dries up. The instructions are so precise; thus, it is easy to mix up and apply. Furthermore, it gives a fresh finish. You will love it! 

The mixture can fill up to 20 square feet of the tile. However, if you make a thick layer of the grout, it will only cover up to 10 square meters of the floor. It is packed in a large mouth that improves usability.



Things to Consider While Buying The Best Epoxy Grout

The following are some important tips that you should consider when buying epoxy grout.

The ability to withstand water

It works well if you are intending to get a grout for your bathroom or swimming pool. It can be suitable for the whole house. Go for an epoxy grout that can withstand water. It helps to prevent the risks that can damage the tiles. 

Additionally, holding water for a more extended period can lead to the growth of moulds or undesirable germs. Water resistance can also enhance the lifespan of the tile and grout.

Epoxy Grout

Ensure that it is non-toxic

Most of the grout could lead to toxic effects on your hands. Always ensure that the epoxy grout you buy does not erode your hands when applying. You also have to remember that you need to buy the one with a slight odour. Ensure that the grout does not produce fumes as it can be dangerous to your health. It is always ideal to go for non-toxic grouts as they rarely bring hazardous effects.

Check out for its maintenance and care

After periods of installing the grout, some groups tend to start losing colour. Imagine how that environment will look? Consider how much money and time you will have to invest in relishing the grout? Well, it is good to ensure that you buy a grout that does not lose color when it gets old. Get one that retains the color and applies uniformly. Its durability is important and should be on top of your list.

The ability to resist atmospheric conditions and stains

Some of the conditions, such as mildew, can cause the growth of mold. It happens if you have a continuous fall of water in your bathroom. If you are in search of an epoxy grout suitable for the bathroom, the go for one that does not allow the growth of mildew. Resisting mildew can enhance the look for the bathroom and is very hygienic.

On the other side, go for the one that has both features. Ensure it can also resist stains. It will save you the energy you would spend trying to clean the grout. The grout will always look fresh and clean.



In general, the epoxy grouts come in different varieties. There is something that suits the needs of everyone. For instance, there are grouts for interior, exterior, large scale, and small portion areas. It helps you maintain and fix your tiles correctly. Additionally, they add freshness to the look of the environment. Its color mostly depends on the color of the tiles you have.


So, choose what interests you. However, always consider keeping in mind the things you should consider to make an important decision. With so many features, epoxy grout is still available in different options to bring out the best.

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